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  1. 30" Jim

    Meat always bitter out of my uds

    You didn't mention what type of wood that you are using. Oak and Hickory can be bitter when used in excess. Apple, Cherry and Pecan produce much milder and sweeter flavors.
  2. 30" Jim

    Burnt ends

    I have done it with great results. Let them warm up to room temp, Sauce them and into the oven.
  3. 30" Jim

    Eye of round Pastrami, mucho q-view!!

    I have done 10 or more of Al's Pastrami's and they are always a big hit. I started using a 50/50 mix of hickory and cherry and most like it better than straight hickory.
  4. 30" Jim

    Here we go, 60 day umai brisket project begins!

    I want to follow this as well
  5. 30" Jim

    Galvanized steel in a smoker?

    Aluminum flashing was my original plan but I was having trouble finding some that wasn't painted. That's why I looked to the galvanized material. Problem has been solved since I found unpainted aluminum flashing at Homer Depot.
  6. 30" Jim

    Galvanized steel in a smoker?

    Thanks for the input. I was looking for something a little more permanent than foil. Galvanized is cheaper and easier to find than aluminum but better safe than sorry so I will skip he galvanized steel.
  7. 30" Jim

    Typical newbie, added way too much cure!

    Dave, Thanks for posting this.
  8. 30" Jim

    Galvanized steel in a smoker?

    Would it be safe to use galvanized steel in a smoker? I have the 5 x 8 amnps and need to make a cover to keep drippings from putting it out. You thoughts?
  9. 30" Jim

    Smokier pulled pork

    I have not tried it but no doubt it would add smoke flavor to the meat. My only concern is that it would tend to dry out the meat.
  10. 30" Jim

    Smokier pulled pork

    I have not tried it but no doubt it would add smoke flavor to the meat. My only concern is that it would tend to dry out the meat.
  11. 30" Jim

    Ultimate smash burger tool for griddle ! ! !

    Ever been to a Steak N Shake? They use a spatula pressed down with a heavy duty 2 pronged fork to smash the burgers and a wooden plank to hold the buns down on the griddle.
  12. 30" Jim

    Looking for tips, oily sheen on beef jerky

    I get the same thing. I have no clue as to why only certain pieces get that way.
  13. 30" Jim

    Pastrami serving help

    Sounds like a plan. Thanks one and all!
  14. 30" Jim

    Pastrami serving help

    Thanks for the input. Slicing at the party is not an option. I want to use my slicer so that I can get nice uniform slices about 1/4" thick. Way too much work to drag the slicer to the party and besides it is an outdoor party so I can't depend on electricity being available. Same problem for...
  15. 30" Jim

    Pastrami serving help

    My granddaughter has requested that I make Pastrami for her graduation party. My son is providing pulled pork and her other grandfather is doing his home made Spiedini. I want to bring the Pastrami already sliced. I will smoke to 170 IT, pull from the smoker and wrap in foil. ( I have done this...
  16. 30" Jim


    I got them done and they turned out pretty good. I let them get away from me and pulled them from the smoker at 148. They were not as juicy as I would have liked bet still very tasty. Here they are ready for the smoker After smoking and ready for the grill. Pulled at 148 IT Next time I...
  17. 30" Jim


    What would be your guess at how long it will take to get to 145
  18. 30" Jim


    Not going to pull them. Just want to put some smoke flavor in them
  19. 30" Jim


    I am going to do some 1" thick porksteaks in the MES30. I plan to run the MES at 230. After smoking, I plan to put them on the grill with indirect heat to put a nice glaze of Sweet Baby Rays. I am thinking that I will pull them from the smoker at 185 IT. I am looking for your thoughts on 185 IT...