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  1. markuk

    Where to buy wood and charcoal?

    i know it's probably not top notch stuff but noticed these in B & M this morning   5 KG lumpwood for only £ 2.99 seemed pretty large lumps of charcoal in there - not all shavings....
  2. Where to buy wood and charcoal?

    Where to buy wood and charcoal?

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  4. markuk

    Pulled Pork

    That sounds pretty good - thanks for sharing :)
  5. markuk

    B & M

    Think I just got lucky - will see if I can stockpile !!
  6. B & M

    B & M

  7. markuk

    B & M

    Picked up this genuine US product from B and M today - only £ 1.29
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  9. markuk

    "Proper" Ribs

    I've heard that about Bookers - worth a go at getting a card - thanks for all the info - assume you are talking F not C for temps ??
  10. markuk

    "Proper" Ribs

    Cooked them yesterday in oven - 3 hours @ £ 150 C under foil in oven on a rack with water - then around 1/2 hour Came out very juicy however too juicy in a way as you couldn't cut them on the normal "rib" way - the meat just broke up - was very nice but for ribs I prefer the shape did I give...
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  12. markuk

    "Proper" Ribs

    Picked up a small rack of Belly Ribs - this was a free range and was around £ 6 for about  3/4 Kilo - going to just do it in the oven under foil for 3 or 4 hours to see if it's okay Butcher cut off skin form top and kindly offered it to me - first of all thought the dog might like it but found...
  13. "Proper" Ribs

    "Proper" Ribs

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  15. markuk

    "Proper" Ribs

    Thank you - I've used that method for Baby Back but reduced time - will try them in oven first so maybe 5 hours under foil at 120 C ish then ???
  16. markuk

    "Proper" Ribs

    Hello - long time no post Done many racks of what I think are Baby Back Ribs which are about a 1/2 inch thick - however was poking about our local butchers and they offered me a HUGE rack - about an inch thick - what are these called please ??  Also what's the best way to cook these - if you...
  17. markuk

    Pulled Pork UK TV and Social Media campaign

    there was a comedienne on Live at the Apollo who mus have seen last years campaign as her routine when something like this ... " What's all this about Pulled Pork - hasn't it been pulled enough now - just leave it alone" :) Well I thought it was funny - I'll get me coat :)
  18. markuk

    UK BBQ Mag - 1st edition Out Today

    Hi Marcus - didn't realise you were on here - I emailed you direct on saturday to say how much I enjoyed it
  19. markuk

    First time ribs with Q-view

    Liked the use of wet "rub" as opposed to dry - may try that
  20. markuk

    Comment by 'markuk' in media '20151107_115936.jpg'

    Nice looking Ribs - where did they come from ????