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  1. kcpigman84

    Top Damper Cleanout

    Hello, I run an Akorn Komodo. It has a top damper that looks sort of like a fan blade. My rig has developed some buildup on the top damper which makes it difficult to open/close until it gets warm enough to loosen up. I'm looking for suggestions on cleaning it. Anything helps.
  2. kcpigman84

    A few questions on burnt ends

    CrazyMoon--Thanks, buddy.  I appreciate it. Chef Jimmy--It sounds like you're saying I can't really go wrong.  Can you recommend a temp to pull the flat?
  3. A few questions on burnt ends

    A few questions on burnt ends

  4. kcpigman84

    A few questions on burnt ends

    Hi all, I've got a 13 lb whole packer rubbed up in the fridge right now.  I'll be smoking Thursday night into Friday, eating around 5 pm Friday evening.  I've done several whole packers, but never tried authentic burnt ends before.  Since I'm off work for the summer, I thought I'd give it a...
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  12. kcpigman84

    Little help

    Okay, I have a big smoke by my standards, and a small rig. I've been cooking on a Kamodo Akorn CharGriller for about 18 months now. This Sunday (21st) my wife and I are hosting her family for Christmas dinner. We have a 16 lb whole packer and a pair of Boston Butts around 5 lbs each in the...
  13. kcpigman84

    foiling and maintaining bark

    I'll foil ribs.  I did some chuck roast and foiled that, too.  I never foil butts.  I've only done one brisket so far, and I didn't foil that and got good results.  Doubt I'll foil in the future.  My smoker retains a lot of the moisture that cooks out of the meat in the cook chamber, so my meat...
  14. kcpigman84

    Burnt Ends??

    I've only done one brisket.  I did a whole packer at ~250 for around 11 hours, to in Internal Temp of 194.  Wrapped in foil and rested in a cooler with towels for an hour.  I cut about 2 inches from the point and then cubed it, about 1-1 1/2 inch cubes.  They stayed moist and flavorful.
  15. kcpigman84

    serious smoking info

    Never done baby backs--I prefer spares.  I never use a water pan.  If there's too much moisture introduced into my cooks, my meat comes out spongy.  I do foil about 1/2 way through the cook.  I just use a little bit of water to keep the ribs moist.  I'm more of a rub guy than a sauce guy, so I...
  16. kcpigman84

    Help with first brisket

    Red, it is awesome to cook something for friends and family that they enjoy, but even moreso because it was my dad.  The man's in his 60s and has lived in the KC metro his whole life, so he's had some pretty high quality barbecue.   I took some pictures of the leftovers the next day.  My...
  17. Help with first brisket

    Help with first brisket

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