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  1. ed anderson

    Chex party mix

    Looking forward getting it sounds good.
  2. ed anderson

    Orange wood

    Damn I feel bad now i get by the puck-up load out here LOL. But you will be happy it.
  3. ed anderson

    Citrus trees--Orange -grapetfruit

    I use orange and lemon both work well. Try it you maybe suprised.
  4. ed anderson

    smoker pics

    I would be careful with them drums not knowing what's been in them. Good Luck on your smoker.
  5. ed anderson

    Lowest Temp That We Can Cook With

    We just got a Klose with the smoker box runnig the main chamber at 250 the smoker box is at 150 and from what I have been told the smoker box cook outstanding chicken I"ll it at 300-325 that should get me at 200-225 We will see thanks for the info Ed
  6. ed anderson

    Lowest Temp That We Can Cook With

    Whats the lowest temp we can with safely 180- 200 ?
  7. ed anderson

    and 'nother newbie

    I would like to just say welcome and it's good to see another nor cal person ask and you will get many answers the guys here are the best.
  8. ed anderson

    Just Wanted To Say Hi!

    Thanks Guys for the warm welcome.
  9. ed anderson

    Just Wanted To Say Hi!

    Hi all as a newbie here. Great site, good folks, and a ton of info. You will be hearing more from me. Thanks for having me