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  1. JJLawn

    My first time using my new used wsm 18 inch.

    Hello, I recently got a wsm, getting used to it. I decided to do two racks of spareribs kc cut, but doing Memphis nonsense style. I set up the wsm for minion method. I started with 12 lit briqets. IL I've not been able to get under 320°. And that's with all the vents closed. Not sure what I'm...
  2. JJLawn

    Apple Pie Baby Backs! with plenty of pics!

    These look really good. I've been tooling around an idea for something like this in the fall. I've also thought some kind of maple ribs would be good. What kind of wood did you use?
  3. JJLawn

    Pork Butt, good stuff!

    Yesterday I smoked a boston butt that I got on sale. I set up my Weber kettle for low and slow. I fired up the weber and loaded a few oak chunk on the butt I used texas style pork rub got at Store. Once the weber was rolling I threw on the butt. my simple but effective setup. Kingsford...
  4. JJLawn

    Dry Ribs - I think I like them now

    I'm a big fan of spare ribs. Oh man, ever since I learned to smoke them myself, next to brisket, it's my favorite thing to smoke. When I started, I used the 3-2-1 method. After the first couple smokes, I tried them without foiling them. I found that works just as well, and saves on some Labor. I...
  5. JJLawn

    Saying hello.

    I just wanted to say hello, I'm California born, Oregon raised, I currently live in the hot and humid Greenville SC! A fantastic place, to hang out and live. I got bit by the bbq bug in 2015 when my crazy wife decided to buy me a Weber Kettle. Look forward to hanging out on here and look forward...