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  1. mikelens

    New Pellet Grill

    I'm a happy owner of the Grilla Silverbac. Built like a tank. Hold temps like a champ; 225-500. I run it with a Fireboard & couldn't be happier.
  2. mikelens

    Drying wood question

    I've dried cherry splits with a Masterbuilt 30 electric smoker. 6-8 hours at 200 got me down to 8% moisture.
  3. mikelens

    FireBoard Users I need help

    Didn’t know about the Facebook group. Thanks for the tip.
  4. mikelens

    FireBoard Users I need help

    To the FireBoard users out there. Using my FB today, suddenly getting high temp alerts well above what I had set. Pellet smoker was holding temp fine. Also getting high readings on meat probes that were way off. Alarm was set for 165 for the bird. Temp read 150 then suddenly alarm would sound...
  5. mikelens

    Adding Fuel to The Fire

    Fairly new to The Oklahoma Joe Highland reverse flow. Using lump charcoal & wood chunks; either cherry or hickory. Burning the snake method with some homemade baffles. When having to add fuel for a longer cook, do you have to use the chimney starter for the coal or can lumps just be added to the...
  6. mikelens

    Anybody have any comments on a Grilla Silverback Smoker

    The temp you run the Silverbac will determine the amount of smoke flavor. Run at 225-250 you'll get the maximum amount of smoke. Grill at 325-350 & you will barely notice the smoke.
  7. mikelens

    Anybody have any comments on a Grilla Silverback Smoker

    Have mine for about a year now. No complaints what so ever. Works like a champ. Cooks like a dream. Set it & forget it. Double insulated walls allow cooking in freezing temps; no blanket required. Vacuum the ash out on a regular basis & it will take care of the rest. Built solid. Have never had...
  8. mikelens

    Prayers for Pops Updated 7/11/19 post #135

    Glad to hear Pops is doing better. Wishing him all the best.
  9. mikelens

    Prayers for Pops Updated 7/11/19 post #135

    Keeping Pops in our prayers.
  10. mikelens

    A liitle Confused....

    Thanks. Great info
  11. mikelens

    A liitle Confused....

    Saw this posted on Facebook. The labeling has me confused; maybe someone can enlighten me. "uncured"? "corned beef"? Isn't that an oxymoron? Uncured would make it a brisket while corned beef would be cured. No?
  12. mikelens

    Any good meat sales?

    Thanks for the tip. Great site.
  13. mikelens

    Long Islanders?

    Anyone from Long Island? Looking to wake things up. Show the rest of the country that we know "Q". X Y & Z too. Mike Bay Shore, NY
  14. mikelens

    Oklahoma Joe smoker

    Aside from the above mentioned sealing & latches. I added a thermo to the second port. Drilled a 1 5/8" hole on the left side just above grate level. Picked up a firewall grommet at the auto parts store. Thread my Fireboard probes through there.
  15. mikelens

    Pork Shoulder

    Wrapped at 160. Pulled at 203. Total cook time 9 hrs at 225
  16. mikelens

    Pork Shoulder

    Mustarded & Rubbed. Using LJ Supreme Blend. Going to go to 160 then wrap
  17. mikelens

    Pork Shoulder

    Pork Shoulder skinned & boned.
  18. mikelens

    Just a little Rib Eye

    Threw a lil Rib Eye on the pellet grill. 265 to IT 145.
  19. mikelens

    Char Sui Shoulder

    Will keep that in mind for the next time. Thanks JJ