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  1. mavrick813


    I would think a piece of piano wire may have made the task a lot easier. Anyone here ever empty one out and blast it with a Roofing torch? Bypass the scraping all together??
  2. mavrick813

    Amish Mustard Eggs ...My Mom said to share this with you guys...

    Just put 2 batches of these in the fridge. 1 w/ the original recipe, and 1 w/ the altered recipe. Will let you know how they turn out in 72 hours. If I can wait. Mike
  3. mavrick813

    How to seasoning cast iron

    Same thing here, I just use the oven. It smokes a bit but I put an Air mover in the kitchen and let it go. Mike
  4. mavrick813

    chargriller help

    I would have just thrown those grates in the Self clean oven and rinsed them down with the pressure washer when they were done. Re-season and be done with it. As for the inside of the smoker. I would have burned out the chamber then after a High heat session in with the wire brush and rinse with...
  5. mavrick813

    Is this worth 600 bucks??

    $250.00 would have been nicer, then use the extra $ to work on that regulator. The heat issue is fixable but you have to do some research. $300.00 is definitely better then $600.00 And it's $200.00 ish less then retail... I say your now at a 50/50 call rather then a flat out NO WAY IN HELL. On...
  6. mavrick813

    Smok'n on the water

    Welcome aboard, and I want to see pics of this Double Barrel. Mike
  7. mavrick813

    Is this worth 600 bucks??

    Quick Google of the model number netted many a result of this thing being prone to Overheating. Theirs even a thread on it in SMF propane smokers section. BTW: It's a Members Mark Smoker Sold at Sam's club for $499.81 Brand New. But an item is worth whatever a person is willing to pay for it...
  8. mavrick813

    having trouble getting smoker to temp using fire box

    I'm going to point at the gauge as well. I like these. And these
  9. mavrick813

    DC new guy who wants to destroy his CG CC

    Why can't I find a pic of the CG Silver Series? Regardless here's some ideas for a CG Smokin Pro. I would toss that tape and foam. I would go with a Oven door Gasket and High Temp...
  10. mavrick813

    Free Oil Tank In Mercer County NJ 250 Gallon tank. Like New for FREE
  11. mavrick813

    Not so pullable pulled pork

    I put in 1/4c of liquid when i foil. 1/8 Jack and 1/8 of Apple cider Vin. Falls apart every time.
  12. mavrick813

    Maverick ET-7 Problem

    He's going to send you a brand new one free of charge, More then likely with a small apology note for your inconvenience and letting you know to keep the original one for spare parts. I had an issue with the probes on my Maverick and I called them and they did the same thing to me. Asked for my...
  13. mavrick813

    Cleaning Your Grates

    I just wire brush the grates when they're hot. Give them a flip wire brush the bottom, then Spray with my Flare up bottle (Water) and a wipe with a rag w/ some lard on it. Grates look brand new all the time. Mike
  14. mavrick813

    Problem seasoning a skillet

    Heat it on the burner, Grab a clean rag and rub it down inside and out.
  15. mavrick813

    I need fattie help

    Provolone will be ok. And in NJ right across the bridge from Philly they use American cheese. Some places even make a Cheese sauce out of American and Cooper sharp and smear that on a roll and throw the meat on then drizzle more over it. Mike
  16. mavrick813

    I am ready for a puppy – what breed is best for me?

    I'm really partial to German Rottweilers. However I have had Many dogs over the last 25 Years. ATM I have a Dingo and a Cocker Spaniel. I would Never reccomend a Dingo to anyone. Their is a reason why their Illegal in the US. and I quite frankly shouldn't have her. But she was a rescue dog and I...
  17. mavrick813

    Does This Look Like Shreded BBQ Pork To You? W/Qview

    I call you crazy if you put that stuff any where near your mouth. Mike
  18. mavrick813

    Help! Trying to assemble Char-Griller!

    Well that does suck. I can't believe you had so much trouble. Mike
  19. mavrick813

    Food Dehydrator

    You can make a Box Fan Dehydrator. Mike
  20. mavrick813

    Help! Trying to assemble Char-Griller!

    Check out these threads here for all your CG Mods. Mike