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  1. aogden


    Got in the habit a few years ago forming my burger around a slice of Vidalia onion. The onion cooks inside the burger, little harder to do than just chopping it up & mixing it in, but I like it better. 80/20 is the only way to go. Anything leaner just doesn't taste right. Once you smoke a...
  2. aogden

    Sharpening Knives??

    I use the Lansky system if the knife is really dull & needs to be stoned. If it only needs touching up, I have a set of ceramic sticks similar to the spyderco system mentioned by Vlap. The cheap set of ceramic sticks came from kmart for under $10.00 The wooden block holds them at the correct...
  3. aogden

    Char-Griller cover question/advice/suggestions???

    I did the exact same thing a week ago. It works great and is sure to last longer than the name brand cover.
  4. aogden

    Arrrg! What to do!

    When I bought my CG from Lowes, the BassPro Shop had a similar but differant brand on sale for $99.00. I brought the ad with me and Lowes matched the BPS price. No regrets here.
  5. aogden

    just another new guy

    Thanks everybody, and as far as messin' up goes.... There's a reason my dog is 50 pounds instead of 30 pounds.
  6. aogden

    just another new guy

    Hey to everybody. Been lurking about here for a month or so, picked up more than a few good tips so far. I've had my Charbroiler w/ SFB for 'bout a year. Mostly ribs, chicken & pulled pork so far. That's all everybody back to work.