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  1. Brackness

    New addition to the family

    Yeah I'm gonna buy one to go with my 18.5 and 22.5
  2. Brackness

    Bad start to first time minion

    Thing is we have all done it...trial and error...i had the same problem..
  3. Brackness

    Bad start to first time minion

    how many charcoals did u lit in the begining.. if more than 15-20 than you had too many
  4. Brackness

    Finally got one! (WSM)
  5. Brackness

    Jeff's New Book is Available

    got mine today as a gift.. really nice book...
  6. Brackness

    Smokenator u could try to make one if u dont wanna spend the $$
  7. Brackness

    Question on WSM's price

    i got mine for $150 on craigslist.. i would really start looking on there every day...  usually once they pop up on there, they are sold that day...
  8. Brackness

    First Smoke in New WSM - Ribs... Undercooked or Overcooked???

    or you can stick a tooth pick inbetween the bones and it should slide out real easy, then u know they are done... falling of the bone are technically over cooked... ur ribs look great in the pics..
  9. Brackness

    8 lb butt and some wsr

    And now the western style ribs have entered. Also with blues hog rub
  10. Brackness

    Smokin' in Kentucky

    welcome.. i live in hopkins county over on the western side of ky....
  11. Brackness

    Webber Smokey Mountain Question...

    just use water.. beer or any other juice is a waste.. its more of a heat barrier then anythang
  12. Brackness

    8 lb butt and some wsr

    Since the weather is so nice out. I decided to smoke a 8lb butt and some western style ribs. I haven't done the ribs yet so I'll post pics of those later. I'm using the blues hog BBQ rub on it.
  13. Brackness

    Todays fresh crab!

    wish i could just go out and go crabbing like that... thats awesome...
  14. Brackness

    Weber Smokey Mountain vs. Kingsford charlcoal smoker.
  15. Brackness

    Weber Smokey Mountain vs. Kingsford charlcoal smoker.

    take out the middle section of the wsm.. put the grill grate on top of the charcoal ring and bam u have a grill... not to be mean.. and maybe its bc im a weber guy.. but u are comparing a lexus to a kia in my opinion.. u cant go wrong with weber..
  16. Brackness

    Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 22.5-Inch Smoker

    ive kept charcoal going for almost 20 hours in my 22.5.. loved it so much i bought a 18.5 just to have too
  17. Brackness

    Injecting pork butt

    Chris Lilly's Six-Time World Championship Pork Shoulder Injection3/4 cup apple juice 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup white sugar1/4 cup table salt 2 Tablespoons Worcestershire SauceCombine all ingredients and stir until sugar and salt are dissolved.
  18. Brackness

    13 lb brisket

    Sorry guys but I never took any money shots. We had about 12 people over ready to eat. This was prob my best brisket. The franks didn't really add any taste or bite to it.
  19. Brackness

    Chargriller Smokin Pro WITH MODs still having temp issues

    i think u guys go a lil over board with the mods.. when i had one of those smokers all i did was make a charcoal basket and add new therms.. could keep it smoking between 200-250 for 6 hours no worries and a decent day.. if it was windy or really cold maybe 2 or 3 hrs... keep the mods simple...