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  1. smokehound77

    Shirley Fabrication Smokers

    Sorry, Shirley Fabrication  outta Tuscaloosa, AL.
  2. smokehound77

    Shirley Fabrication Smokers

    Greetings Smoke Hounds, I have been looking at the unbelievable craftsmanship  put out by this very together family of artisans .   Anyone else impressed with the level  of workmanship  they send out the door?   I am pretty much sold other 30x 60 5 ft wide trailer rig.   
  3. smokehound77

    My new Shirley Fabrication smoker

    I talked to Paul and I am pretty sure I'm going with a 30x 60  elevated cabinet....  I am so impressed with their  fabrication skills.
  4. smokehound77

    My new Shirley Fabrication smoker

    I ordered me a 30x88 monster.  Their workmanship is OFF THE CUFF!!!  I haven't seen cookers of this caliber anywhere for the prices they charge .
  5. smokehound77

    My new Shirley Fabrication smoker

    I like the 30x70  Cabinet model w/ Hip Roof Elevated Model. These guys throw down some of the best welds I've seen anywhere.
  6. smokehound77

    What are you smoking this weekend

    I have beef ribs going into the smoker this weekend.  10 lb. slab. Kosher salt/pepper rub .Hooked on those  bad boys.
  7. smokehound77

    Finally got started on our outdoor cooking area!

    WOW!!  Looks robust for certain. A good deck is always a crowd pleaser. Happy Trails.
  8. smokehound77

    New Member

    Hello From Rhode Island.
  9. smokehound77

    Myron Mixon MMS-60

    Were you happy with the unit?