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  1. cww253

    Barrel Smoker Exhaust Recommendations

    Thanks, I’m using a Smokia smoke generator to create the smoke. The Smokia uses small air pump to pump the smoke into whatever smoke chamber design it’s being used on. I’m hoping that this creates enough positive pressure to get good airflow and smoke exchange inside the barrel. I don’t think...
  2. cww253

    Barrel Smoker Exhaust Recommendations

    I’ll head to Ace Hardware Monday and do some shopping in the plumbing section. I can visualize all the parts except how to throttle the flow if ever required. i might be overthinking this, maybe just a simple ball valve but If I can find something that fits the style. I’m going for looks and...
  3. cww253

    Barrel Smoker Exhaust Recommendations

    I’ve been building a whiskey barrel smoker and I just can’t find the right exhaust set up. I’ve stained and stenciled the top so it’s gonna have to be a side discharge. I actually bought one off Amazon that was for a Pit Boss pellet smoker but this thing is huge! I’m going to mount two Ugly...
  4. cww253

    Newbie Smoker

    Just got my MES this week. Haven't had a chance to use it yet but I have big plans this weekend with a couple of racks of ribs. Name is Charles and from South Carolina. I have already learn so much from this site it has really helped.