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  1. nrdk

    Buying Meat in Iowa

    Love Sams for smoking personally, have to be pretty picky about what you grab but hard to beat the price.
  2. nrdk

    Roll Call

    Thanks for the invite, located in CR myself
  3. nrdk

    Keeping Chicken Warm

    Long story short, for Mother's Day my mom requested some smoked chicken, so got a whole batch of thighs and breasts going however looks like they're gonna be done before her flight lands. Can I just throw em in the oven covered in a foil pan at 180 and call it good? Too high/low? Will post up...
  4. nrdk

    Anyone use wood pellets in their MES?

    Definitely not on Bears level but I'll give my experience. When I use my AMNPS, I always leave the top vent completely open, pull the chip drawer out about an inch and a half, and completely remove the side loader unless it's a particularly windy day. Over time, I've found these steps will let...
  5. nrdk

    I need to build me a butcher shop!

    Not too far away at all, friend of mine actually invited me out on a hunting trip down in that area during deer season but I was traveling at the time and missed out. Hate to see waste like that, can't believe people would keep ordering. Just weird in my head that someone would place an order...
  6. nrdk

    I need to build me a butcher shop!

    Sounds like a wonderful problem to have, let me know if you ever end up with too much meat and I'll help relieve ya of some of that  What part of SE Iowa ya from neighbor?
  7. nrdk

    Help snack sticks

    Had a lot of questions myself prior to my first batch, I put together a pretty basic walkthrough that may help ya out some
  8. nrdk

    Some Prayers for Mrs Bear

    Hopin the best for you and yours Bear
  9. nrdk

    Why Cow tongue is so expensive.......

    Never have an issue when I get my side of beef to get the tongue, heart, liver, tail, and any extras they feel like throwing in. Guess it's just the area living in Iowa.
  10. nrdk

    Anyone use wood pellets in their MES?

    Fill a half gallon milk jug with water, freeze it. Place in the water tray above the AMNPS to keep the temperature down. Worked wonders for me the last time I cold smoked.
  11. nrdk

    How large a turkey in a 30" MES?

    Did a 17 pounder in my MES30 for Turkey Day this year, however I wouldn't go any larger than that. Ended up twining the legs together so they didn't hit the edges, and it took about 9 hours to cook.
  12. nrdk

    Cold smoking season 2014-2015: duck breast pastrama

    Looks awesome but that is some dedication for a smoke, 2 weeks 
  13. nrdk

    Mr T's "Smoked Cheese From Go To Show" w/ Q- View

    Thanks for the link, makes for interesting reading, was just curious if anyone had a personal 'updated' list given the smokey goodness we impart.
  14. nrdk

    Mr T's "Smoked Cheese From Go To Show" w/ Q- View

    Anyone know a good pairing guide for smoked cheese? Including various chunks of the cheeses I smoked a couple weeks ago in gift baskets to family for the holidays, and would like to have a card suggesting good wine pairs if possible. 1 lb Colby 1 lb Pepperjack 1 lb Mozzerela 1 lb Sharp...
  15. image.jpg


  16. nrdk

    Beef Sticks With A Long, Slow Smoke For 'Tang' ala Nepas

    Attempt #2 on these gettin mixed up tonight. Gonna be too late to stuff them, however will get mixed up and having a stuffing party tomorrow afternoon, followed by a long term appointment in the smoker. 
  17. nrdk

    New MES Bluetooth Digital smoker

    Definitely interested to see how this turns out, as I've been thinking of upgrading to a MES40 anyways since the MES30 space wise is just not cutting it. On top of that, I love the idea of tinkering with the BT connection and hooking it up to my smart home. O the possibilities.
  18. nrdk

    AMNPS arriving today

    Find what works for you in the area you smoke at. Personally, if I smoke at my parents, I'm more than good with pulling the drawer out a tad and the loader out 1 inch. However, when I smoke on the back deck at my house, I have to pull the drawer out as much as it goes and completely remove the...