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  1. newb

    Glass Vs Plastic carboy

    Some people swear by their plastic better bottles and other plastic type carboys. I personally use glass and have always used glass. Sure they weigh more and are more fragile than plastic but as others here have stated, they clean up better than plastic and you don't run the risk of having...
  2. newb

    Nesco seasonings

    My kids love the 'original' flavor of those nesco seasonings. I dont mind it either however I enjoy tinkering with my own marinades/seasonings.
  3. newb

    Whats the 'tenderquick trick'?

    Thanks all. So my take is you can use it to make a phony smoke ring and use it just before the smoke to give it a different flavor of sorts. Does it make it more juicy? I would think the salts would pull out more moisture. Thannks again.
  4. newb

    Whats the 'tenderquick trick'?

    I dont recall having seen the reason why, but I have read posts where Ron and others put a lil TQ on their meat a little before smoking to do something 'special'. What exactly does it do for the different meats(beef, chicken, etc). So could someone please enlighten me (and others I'm sure) as...
  5. newb


    Close to me but not quite... I would hire a 'financial advisor'. Give them 5-10 mil plus to invest for me and ensure that they work for me by the following rule: You earn 10% of whatever your earn for me. you earn me 1 mil then you get 100k in wages. you earn me 10 mil in a year they you...
  6. newb

    Restaurant Depot Questions

    The thought never crossed my mind and I hope your biz takes off for ya.
  7. newb

    Restaurant Depot Questions

    Now that there is funny. Maybe call it 'Rib Explosion' and call it your invention!
  8. newb

    Restaurant Depot Questions

    I'm no expert but in most situations you don't pay tax on *unprepared* food items. If they are prepared then you start running into tax issues.... Easy way to find out is to go to your local grocery store and pick up some meat and look at your receipt for tax - then you know for sure. Other...
  9. newb

    2 Stage wings? Thoughts?

    Why not cold smoke (<40*) them on sat for a few hours then drop them into a deep fryer to cook/crisp them up, then toss with sauce. ~~EDIT~~ Didn't notice your post igolf! SO What He said ^^
  10. newb

    Favorite Wood for Shoulders???

    Hickory and apple or cherry mix for me.
  11. newb

    SASSAFRAS - Safe or Unsafe ???

    not to mention you can dry and grind the leaves to a powder. You then have File power for any cajun dishes you wish to make.
  12. newb

    who's everyone rooting for this weekend?

    Go Viks! 31-20 SB = Viks and Colts.
  13. newb

    New Masterbuilt-MES Sam's Club W/QVIEW

    Don't think so and I agree. For the money the warranty is worth the wait.
  14. newb

    New Masterbuilt-MES Sam's Club W/QVIEW

    FYI those wanting one of these but not in your local sams... Just checked sams online today and noticed that its listed there....good news in a couple ways... 1) SAMS will now order it in since it's online.* 2) Cabelas will price match online advertised price if I don't want to wait.* *These...
  15. newb

    Danger Zone for Pork/Beef When Defrosting

    just don't do what I did to defrost 2 butts....wanted to set it out for a couple hours to speed up the defrost around 6pm and then back into the fridge...had a couple drinks, tv, movies and then woke up at 7am remembering the butts. Well instead of the fridge, it was the blue barrel with a lid...
  16. newb

    Dutch oven clean-up

    I may be wrong here but on my pans I always wipe out with paper towel, get the pan good and hot and then dump 1/2 cup water in the pan. instant deglaze and using a spatula gets all the gunk off the pan...Then hot water and a washcloth...dry and done.
  17. newb

    making rivet's head cheese

    Oh man that looks great. I have not had any 'head' cheese in a long time and this thread got me wanting to make some more. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water up. I used to make it quick and dirty...boil ham hocks 6-8 of em for hours with some pick spice. seperate meat from junk...
  18. newb

    New Masterbuilt-MES Sam's Club W/QVIEW

    And the 299 price? Thats outstanding (i feel) considering Cabelas wants 399 for the same thing...I will be purchasing one of these...
  19. newb

    Newbie from Minnesota

    Another Minnesotan...Welcome from Lakeville.
  20. newb

    Best slaw for PP sandwiches???