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  1. chdolfnz

    Pheasant breasts

    Hello, A friend of mine shot some pheasants and gave me the breasts to smoke..does anyone have any suggestions on a good way to smoke them? I have a Green mountain pellet grill and was thinking maybe brining them and wrapping in bacon to help prevent drying out... Any good rub to use?..and...
  2. chdolfnz

    New Smoker!

    Hello all, It's been awhile since I've posted or even done much smoking..had some health issues and it turns out I need to have a left hip replacement...yeah, I'm only 44!!....But, I'm in constant pain and they told me my hip joint is bone-on-bone....nice!! Surgery is planned for end of May and...
  3. chdolfnz

    greetings, from lancaster, pa

    Hello and welcome..I am from Lancaster also (Lampeter/Bridgeport area). I have been on the forum for awhile now, but still consider myself a in the process of purchasing a new smoker (not real satisfied with the one I have), just not sure what to get!! Did you work at the Lancaster...
  4. chdolfnz

    near miss

    Hello from a neighbor down the road in Lampeter, Pa...glad to hear all are safe and sound...was not bad at all down here..a bit of ice, but all melted by Sun. am..funny how different things were only a few miles away..I work with some people in E-town and Leb...pretty bad all around!! By the...
  5. chdolfnz

    New Smoker!

    My x-mas gift from the Fam is going to be a new smoker (YES!)...I was thinking of getting the Masterbuilt Electric smokehouse...I know some people here have them and are pleased with them. I was just wondering how they do in cold weather..any problem holding temp? Also, is there any big...
  6. chdolfnz

    What's your occupation?

    Work for Johnson & Johnson-Merck in Lancaster, PA as an opperations associate...I make Mylanta and Mylicon(the baby gas drops!)...nice job to have when I eat too much of my smoking!!!HAHA
  7. chdolfnz

    Check out my new smoker!

    Park that bad boy in my driveway and give it a good test run!!!I can smell it already! I'm not too far...Eastern PA....Pleeeease!!! Nice rig!
  8. chdolfnz


    So sorry to hear of your loss..My wife and I went through the same thing 10 years ago with her first is a hurt that is hard to take..just keep trusting that God will bless them with a wonderful family. He gave us 2 wonderful children that we love dearly!
  9. chdolfnz

    Where to poke the chicken...

    Thanks guys!!! I did put mayo on the bird and rubbed with some commericial rub(was in a hurry!)....Put the bird on at 8am this morn...very windy and cold...20-30 mph winds ..temps in the low 40' Old Smokey Electric smoker is cranked the whole way up and still only at about 225! Might be...
  10. chdolfnz

    Where to poke the chicken...

    I am planning to smoke my first whole chicken tomorrow (5lb'er)...I am brining tonite, then onto the smoker in the am...I do have 2 questions 1) Where is the best place to put the temp. probe in the chicken to get the best accurate temp?...2) is it best to smoke it at a higher temp? (I think I...
  11. chdolfnz

    Mayo on a chicken

    AJ, Did you brine the bird or just throw it on? That looked awsome..haven't done any poultry yet, but looking at that wants to get me going!!! I use mayo instead of butter when grilling sandwiches (like grilled cheese) and it makes a nice crispy crust on the bread..better than butter! I guess...
  12. chdolfnz

    New from Illinois!!!

    Welcome Aboard! I'm still mad your Illini beat our PSU Nittany Lions!!!....Just kidding!! This is a great site..I am a beginner also and learned a lot from all the helpful smokers here! I started out with an electric smoker..nice because of the set and forget aspect...seeing that my life is...
  13. chdolfnz

    Prime Rib?

    Thanks everyone...I think I'm pointed in the right direction! If mine turnes out like Ultramag's pics...I'll be in Prime rib heaven!!! Can't wait to try it! curt
  14. chdolfnz

    Prime Rib?

    I have prime rib (the kind you get from Kansa City Meats by mail), weighs about 3-4 lbs that I want to try to smoke...what is the best way to do it? Should I follow the rules for doing a pork shoulder? I want to slice down for some samiches...any info would be a great help!! Thanks chdolfnz
  15. chdolfnz

    can i share a great day ?

    Sounds awesome..wish I had your drive!! For now, I'll stick to keepin the fam happy!!! Good Luck
  16. chdolfnz

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    That's those Eagles fans for ya!! ha ha...Never went to see any games at the Link, but did go to Fl to see the Dolphins play the Eagles 3 years ago for a Mon night game..what a blast we had...but the Eagles fans were was like a home game for them!!! They did get a bit obnoxtious...
  17. chdolfnz

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    Well, I've read some very interesting and funny stories...but mine is not!!! Actually mine is sort of boring and embarrasing!!!(you'll see why)...the ch is my initials...and the dolfnz is for the Miami Dolphins, my all time favorite team since I was old enough to know about football! anyone who...
  18. chdolfnz

    Chicken legs?

    Hi all, I want to attempt to smoke some chicken legs (the kids love 'em)!. I bought this nifty chicken leg holder at Lowes the holds the legs upside down! Has anyone done legs before? What temp?, how long?...any info would help greatly. Thanks everyone! CHDOLFNZ
  19. chdolfnz

    Who's cooking Q 9/22-9/23

    Have 2 butts going first attempt also( using Meoweys method) for pulled pork sammies tomorrow!! in the smoker at 7am..wraped in foil at 160*(12pm) and into a 250* oven to hit 200*..then wrap in towels in a cooler for a few hours! Smells good in here!! Made a batch of SoFlaQuer's...
  20. chdolfnz

    my best brisket yet!

    Looks real yummy Jack!! How big was it and how long did she take?