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  1. nunantal

    Linking out a sausage

    Me too!  I saw a youtube where the guy twisted the links as they came off of the stuffing tube.  I tried that and didn't have much luck keeping them uniform.  I've only make  link sausage twice so I'm still a complete novice but very willing to learn.
  2. nunantal


    Sausage looks good....  Where did you get those casings?
  3. nunantal

    Hot plate died...need new element

    Apparently I was wrong on others using the universal replacement.   Guess I'll have to be the guinea pig.l
  4. Hot plate died...need new element

    Hot plate died...need new element

  5. nunantal

    Hot plate died...need new element

    My old 1,650 watt hot plate bit the dust while smoking some more of Willies hot links and had to  finish by poaching. I tried using a newer 1,500 watt plate but the safety wouldn't let it get hot enough so I'm in the market for a new 1,500 heat source of  some kind.  I've searched thru the...
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  7. nunantal

    BBQ Pit Planner

    I know this should be in the  smoker build section but I couldn't figure out which one was most appropriate since it's for both reverse flow and offset smokers but I'm sure the Mods can figure it out....
  8. nunantal

    Tough Casing?

    A friend gave me some store bought (local butcher) venison/pork sausage.  The label said it was smoked and cooked and just needed reheating to eat.  It was frozen when I got it but left it in the refr overnight and I grilled it the next day. The casing was very tough.  I called the butcher and...
  9. nunantal

    Mixing meat for sausage

    Is mixing until sticky for both patty sausage and stuffed?  The referenced post seems to  be referring to stuffed sausage.
  10. nunantal

    Sous Vide Experiment

    I noticed you  put the links in vac sealed bags for the Sous Vide.  Is that necessary or can  you just put the links in the water bath right out of the smoker?
  11. nunantal

    Sausage Making

    While searching for info on sausage making, I ran across this interesting PDF.  Thought others might  get something  out of it.
  12. nunantal

    Another High Temp Cheese Question

    What do you consider a lower temp?
  13. nunantal

    When to season?

    Thanks for the replies.  I'm VERY new a making sausage but thought my first attempt turned out ok by grinding, seasoning and then grinding again.  Maybe this is one of those things that comes under the "that's the way I was taught" line of thinking.
  14. nunantal

    When to season?

    Here is a post from another source that caused me to wonder about when to season ground meat.   " it is near impossible to get seasoning evenly mixed in meat that is already ground. Cube it, season it, do a course grind and then a final grind and you will get much more even seasoning"     Is...
  15. nunantal

    I need help with a good/affordable pepper grinder

    Try one of these... OXO Good Grips Lewis Pepper Mill.  12 bucks on Amazon.  I'm on my second one.  The first lasted over 5 years.  Read the reviews.  I think you'll like it. Wayne
  16. nunantal

    Snack Sticks - Looking for A Hot Recipe

    "Used ECA, and its a little much for me."  Help me out  here... what's ECA?
  17. nunantal

    I've got a lot to learn (pic heavy)

    Thanks for the suggestions and the kind words.  Hopefully, I'll improve on my next batch. Wayne
  18. I've got a lot to learn (pic heavy)

    I've got a lot to learn (pic heavy)

  19. nunantal

    I've got a lot to learn (pic heavy)

    For my first ever sausage links, I chose Chef Willie's hot link recipe.  Here's the recap.... First grind.  5 lbs of pork butt This is after the spices were added, the second grind and a night in the refr. Time for the stuffing.  My grandson assisted even tho he was still finishing his...
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