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  1. diesel

    Food Containers for bacon

    I am a little late jumping in here but I just stop by the local grocery store and ask if they have any empty icing containers. Go to the section where they make cakes and usually once a week they have several empties they usually just through out. They very in size and are food safe. Aaron.
  2. diesel

    All pork pepperoni

    Just curious, are you using Ruhlman's recipe or something else? I am always looking for a good pepperoni recipe. Thanks.
  3. diesel

    All pork pepperoni

    I have done it a few times with good results.  Most of the time I add venison to the mix instead of beef.  But again, you should end up with a good product.  Aaron.
  4. diesel

    Help with mold Identification

    I found this very helpful to put the mind at ease when seeing mold on the cured meat. Aaron.
  5. diesel

    Arduino Curing Chamber Setup

    That looks like a nice setup.  I was thinking about setting up something just like it.  I do like the idea of the scales.  You asked about another Idea to measure and I though about PH.  I know there are probes for that.  Although I think the PH is important during the fermentation stage...
  6. diesel

    Gravity Feed Build

    I had the pleasure of cooking on one a few weekends ago.  They are very efficient and hold temp for a really long time.  I wouldn't mind having one myself. Keep the picts coming.
  7. diesel

    I'm looking for a good smoked sausage recipe, like Eckrich. Any suggestions?

    Can't go wrong with the Texas hot link.. it is a Chef Willie recipe.  Everyone loves this recipe in my group.  Just adjust the cayenne level for the amount of heat.  I even throw some high temp cheese and jalapenos in with the mix.
  8. diesel

    Low and slow...the myth.

    Yes.. I was wrong with when using the word "cooking".  I admit that.  I should have used the word grilling or maybe even roasting.  And yes there is a definition for smoking meat.  and it says that anything above 225 is no longer smoking meat. I tried to find some links to where I am coming...
  9. diesel

    Low and slow...the myth.

    SQWIB has cleared everything up.
  10. diesel

    Low and slow...the myth.

    Yes.. several ways to slice a pie.  But what you are now stating is difference between slicing a pie and digging in with a shovel.    BBQ joints cook at a higher temp because they need to get the product out on the table.  Franklin runs his smokers as high as 375 but he also recommends to cook...
  11. diesel

    Low and slow...the myth.

    I am sure the end product is good and if it makes you happy then fine.  But,  you are cooking the meat and not smoking it.  Low and slow allows the fat to render into the meat and not melt out.  The higher the temps the more risk you take of drying it out. As for Myron,  He is not doing real...
  12. diesel

    First Q'view........ Philly cheese steak fatty

    Yep.. gonna have to try this one.  Great Job man!
  13. diesel

    Low and slow...the myth.

    Your are correct.  You are never smoking anything.   You are cooking.
  14. diesel

    bratwurst recipie?

    Here ya go. Several recipes on this thread. Aaron.
  15. diesel

    How Long to Cook a Brisket or The Misconception of the 1 to 1.5 hour rule

    Yes, very good article and well written.  Me too!  I watched a few of Franklin's videos on how he cooks brisket.  He uses butcher paper.  I started using it about 6 months ago and have been very pleased with how it does.  Besides it is also a third of the cost of foil.  I have been wrapping all...
  16. diesel

    Need Hot Link help please!

    duresk, Use the fat.  I only trim stuff off that isn't appealing.  But most of the time there isn't anything that bad on them.
  17. diesel

    Tenderloin burnt ends???

    Try a couple of pieces of loin with you original idea along with the country ribs... that way you will know from experience how the tender loin  will turn out and also have some nice tender loin left over in the freezer for later. my 2 cents.  Aaron.
  18. diesel

    Apple Brats

    I would try added dehydrated apples.  That would be the way to go.  Make a 5lb batch of brats and add a cup of dried apples.  Mix and fry test.  If it needs more then, well,  you know what to do.  Do you have a brat recipe?  If not then a quick search on this forum will quickly produce plenty of...
  19. diesel

    Question about storing sausge for smoking a day later

    Really nice looking sausage man!  Good job on that.  I have never smoked my brats, I usually just grill them up.  But after seeing the end product here I am on that. thanks for sharing. Aaron.
  20. diesel

    Pizza Tips

    The last one I did I used my favorite BBQ sauce instead of tomato sauce and taco cheese. then topped it with some pulled pork.  Very nice. Aaron.