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  1. jac1717

    Swapping tenderquick for instacure #1

    ummmm, no..... you are right, the meat has a very different consistency from TQ to instacure and I did not add any additional salt. Good call, I'll give that a try. Seems like anytime I use a prepackaged mix like Backwoods, instacure works just fine, even at the different temps.  When I try it...
  2. jac1717

    Swapping tenderquick for instacure #1

    Why doesn't this happen with TQ then?  It comes out perfectly marbled.
  3. jac1717

    Swapping tenderquick for instacure #1

    Ok, so I have a very old family recipe for venison bologna, mixed with pork and I'd like to replace the TQ with Instacure #1 each time I do it the fat seems to disappear while it's in the smoker.  I cold smoke for 3 hours around 120F then take the temp up to 225F until the meat reaches 155F...
  4. jac1717

    New stuffer

    I have the Grizzly 5# stuffer and the parts are interchangeable with LEM.  I broke my plastic main gear working on a cider pressing project so I replaced them with LEM's metal gears, works great.  It works good for small batches and comes apart to fit in the dish washer.  Still love the 8qt...