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  1. mr ray ray

    Questions about curing
  2. mr ray ray

    Questions about curing

    Stianbl  I think you having the same problem i did when i started converting the nitrate confusion between American cure 1 and the European pokelsaltz. The American cure 1 is real strong over 6% where pokelsaltz is only 0.6 ish %. If you follow the cure amounts for the required amount need on...
  3. mr ray ray

    Is my coppa / capocolla going bad?

    Rule of thumb i use when curing a large piece of meat is 3 days per Kg for dry cure. If i do a wet cure i do 2 days per kg and also inject the brine into the meat before it goes in the brine. I refrigerate both methods. Its better to error on to much time in cure than not enough.
  4. mr ray ray

    Where to start...

    Everyone does it differently you have to find what works best for your taste buds. I Use this cure Cal to figure out your salt (stay under 5% salt i do mine at 3%) and cure (I use cure 1), sugar mix  . I rub my bacon real well with the rub then place in a...
  5. mr ray ray

    cold smoke (pork belly)

    Cold Smoking is at best if keep at or below 80f because at higher temps your fat starts to render out. If you are cold smoking please do use curing salts when you cure your bacon so you don't run the risk of botulism poisoning if your meat has pick up spoors from any contaminated surface which...
  6. mr ray ray

    UMAI salami .

    If you want to add a smoke flavor to your salami, you can use smoked salt . you can cold smoke your spices and if your using any fat from the back of the pig you can cold smoke that before the grind( its fat back with out the salt and skin) cold smoke it all except your meat and you will impart...
  7. mr ray ray

    Just For Fun...A Thousand Years of Cold Smoking Before the AMNPS...

    Great Job Jimmy as a Scoutmaster here in our local BSA troop It makes me happy to see some one who can live and survive in the out doors as we teach our scouts to do.  GREAT JOB!!!
  8. mr ray ray

    Danish fermented sausage

    How did they turn out after the the smoking? Was that a high barrier casing or fibrous casing?
  9. German Style Cold Smoked Farmers Ham

    German Style Cold Smoked Farmers Ham

  10. mr ray ray

    German Style Cold Smoked Farmers Ham

    Did a 12 day 5% sea salt and cure no 2 brine. Soaked 24 hours in fresh water changing it out 3 times to remove excess salt from meat. 48 hours to dry in fridge.  Cold Smoked 5 days 12 hours smoke 12 hours rest it was cold enough to leave it in smoker. After ti was done with the smoking It was...
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  13. mr ray ray

    Sausage texture

    Like Dave side here work with your meat when its COLD you want it cold it helps to keep your fat becoming soft and mushy..
  14. mr ray ray

    Any recipe for UMAi?

    pro kg 10% Rind  Beef 30% Schweinschulter  Boston Butt  60% Schweinebauch pork belly skin off pro kg 20g Meersalz  sea salt 3g Pfeffer  White pepper  1g Ingwer  Ginger 3g Zucker  Sugar 3g Paprika  use your starter culture as your package calls for  use cure at a rate of 1 gram pro 500g...
  15. mr ray ray

    Any recipe for UMAi?

    You can I have used the UMAi several times and you can use any recipe you wish i have had nothing but great results. The kit also has some recipes on it witch you can try or tweak i recommend you get a note book and write down all your recipes that way you know which ones you have tweaked and...
  16. Any recipe for UMAi?

    Any recipe for UMAi?

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  18. mr ray ray


    Looks good going to make them next weekend....   If any one can understand German this guy on you tube has a lot of great recipes
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    Wild garlic