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  1. Quicker with liquor

    Pizza oven, Santa maria grill , & smoker build

    that is a really nice looking build! what is your temperature range in the smoker?
  2. Quicker with liquor

    Doors for my cinder brick smoker?

    I am starting to plan this as well. Due to the cost of fire brick , door availability, and time, I am considering considering keeping my eyes out for a few good used wood stoves for parts and doors ,to modify and bury in the brick work for an offset smoker.
  3. Quicker with liquor

    Hola from Ontario, Canada, EH.

    lol, there is a difference between the young of today and yesterday for sure!
  4. Quicker with liquor

    Canadian Decoder-Ring (ReadyCure)

    now that the pictures are up, I can see mine probabaly didnt penetrate, because it wasnt as pretty as yours. lol. i just trim a "smidge" off fat off an entire brisket, throw it in a food safe bucket of brine with a food safe rock on top of it.
  5. Quicker with liquor

    Canadian Decoder-Ring (ReadyCure)

    hey fellow Canuckstanian, This looks like the same recipe i have from the "charcuterie" book. I have made this probably 10 times over the years. I just order prague powder #1 off amazon for this. I always make 2 gal of brine. (salt is cheap) sometimes, if i didnt have the pink salt, I just...
  6. Quicker with liquor

    Smoker/oven/Santa Maria build

    This is Fantastic! , love the quick access to grab coal from the smoker firebox to to throw in the grill. Will you put a door on the fire box? does it have another fresh air intake from the rear? sorry for all the questions. how low of a temperature can you get in teh smoke house with this...
  7. Quicker with liquor

    Hola from Ontario, Canada, EH.

    Hello every one! I stumbled across this forum just a few hours ago while I was sucked down a rabbit hole on the interweb. make my livin building out of timber and logs for 25 years, but i have always had a passion for the BBQ ( real bbq, not that gas grill crap) , as well as for curing meat...