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  1. Buf

    LEM Big Bite Grinder Issue?

    You make a great point! I believe LEM to be a quality company, but they are also still humans. I think I'll do exactly as you suggest! The unit cannot be very difficult to pop apart and apply some lube.
  2. Buf

    LEM Big Bite Grinder Issue?

    I'm not sure there is a place to lube the auger. It merely sits in the splined hub and rotates.
  3. Buf

    LEM Big Bite Grinder Issue?

    Well, I'm reasonably sure. Everything was assembled and all I did was slide the auger, knife and plate in. The urser manual could be more detailed, but it seemed like the bushing it specified be in place, was. Still, another good thing to double check. Thank you!
  4. Buf

    LEM Big Bite Grinder Issue?

    I inspected the auger and housing and there are no witness marks anywhere, and the auger freely slides in and out even without the pull tool.
  5. Buf

    LEM Big Bite Grinder Issue?

    Hi all, I just bought a new LEM #8 BB Grinder, it is a beast. While grinding some venison and pork I noticed it began a rotational squeak noise, nothing serious but still annoying. After grinding and then stuffing through it (snack sticks) I removed the auger to clean it and noticed the...
  6. Buf

    Pork snack sticks.

    I have a never opened LEM #5 stainless steel body grinder. It is a few years old, just never out of the box. I'd be willing to sell and can ship via Spee Dee. To the OP, those snacks look amazing! My son and I mixed a batch up yesterday and will smoke them tonight.
  7. Buf

    Kielbasa time

    Drooling! Great job!
  8. Buf

    Cheesecake in my pressure cooker..

    Looks pretty good to me. I've been wanting to try to make one in mine. How do you get that out of the pot?
  9. Buf

    Wisconsin Bears fan!

    Yes, I'm a Bears fan! Besides that I'm your typical Wisconsonite: Half redneck, half farmer, half hunter and three quarters full of it. I've dabbled several years ago with making venison sausage and snack sticks and decided I want to go that route again and am finding tons of info here!
  10. Buf

    The history of the AMNPS and why you need one.

    To a newbie, this forum is like being the only male at a high school prom full of soon to be super models! To be clear, if I use the A-MAZE-N I don't need to use another smoke source? Can someone point me to a thread with tips on the actual smoking process of summer sausages, regarding temps...
  11. Buf

    The history of the AMNPS and why you need one.

    Brand new member, and mostly wet behind the smoking ears. I've been reading posts as time permits today and came across the A-MAZE-N thing and I'm curious, dos this just work by placing pellets in it, then lighting them directly? I will be using a home built (from wood) smoker that (from memory)...