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  1. ml504

    MU fans

    I hope its anyone BUT Les Miles (see location!)
  2. ml504

    Firebox question

    I am currently building a wood burning smoker out of a 7ft long x 30 inches diameter tank. I have another tank for a vertical chamber (see image), but my question is about the firebox. Since this is obviously bigger than I'll ever need for smoking, what if I put a center divider inside the tank...
  3. ml504

    Hinges for smoker doors?

    So does anyone have any suggestions on what size the firebox should be? I was also thinking about lining the bottom of the box with firebrick, but would that be a waste of time or worthwhile? Thanks, Matt
  4. ml504

    Hinges for smoker doors?

    Ha, yea devil dog as we call her! I still haven't cut out the firebox because I didn't know how far up and how far in I should make the cut. It will be an offset firebox on the opposite end of the cutout for the vertical rack. Also, how big should the box be? I was thinking 18"x18" cube, but...
  5. ml504

    Hinges for smoker doors?

    Wow! Thanks for all of the helpful information. I ended up trying a different method from the hinge idea. This was a last minute change yesterday when I began cutting the door. I believe I will try the hinges for the vertical chamber by using the drawings listed above (btw, thank you for taking...
  6. ml504

    Hinges for smoker doors?

    Hello, I'm brand new to the forum, just happened to stumble by when doing a Google search. Anyway, I am beginning building a smoker out of a large propane tank (7' x 28"). The tank has been sitting full of water for about 2 weeks and I was able to make my first cuts today successfully. After...