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  1. marknb

    Can softwood/plywood smokehouses impart a bad flavour?

    Thanks guys.  Pop, I will check out your links more closely when I get home, the office computer has a firewall and I can't view pictures most of the time.  In the mean time, you can go as high as 250F in a wooden box and not worry about fire?  Nice! I will definitely check out the fineries of...
  2. marknb

    Can softwood/plywood smokehouses impart a bad flavour?

    Hey all, I've been busy working away on my smokehouse project, and my father in law asked a question.  If you're not supposed to use softwood, pine, spruce, fir, tamarack, etc, as smoking woods because they contain too much resin in them, will they impart unpleasant flavours to your food if you...
  3. marknb

    building materials for new project

    Man I can do some silly things sometimes....why didn't I check sausagemaker before I shelled out for a 4" damper (only, no pipe or rain shield) on eBay?  Thanks for the heads up Cowgirl!
  4. marknb

    building materials for new project

    OK folks, here's the plan... I have enough lumber for a 30"x30"x84" smoke house, building it out of 1x8 pine barn boards, ship lap (was cheaper than tongue and groove), with a metal roof.  Going to heat it with a 1500w 12.5amp double hot plate, and insulate it with roxul (mineral and steel...
  5. marknb

    MES.... hot corner!

    Um, I haven't read this post thoroughly, did anyone suggest putting the 5x9" chunk of ceramic tile on top of the chip box into the hot corner sort of forcing the heat elsewhere?  Worked for me.
  6. marknb

    First Pork Butt Pulled OMG!! Qview

    Re: wood door to wood frame, if you were so inclined you could install a gasket for a wood stove around the door.  I'm pretty sure they come as a kit with the temp resistant glue.
  7. marknb

    Electric smoker catastrophe, now what?

     Damn straight, I even have a remote thermometer with a temp alarm so I can nap in front of the football game.  FYI, I have a Weber Performer too, Mr. Smartypants.
  8. marknb

    Electric smoker catastrophe, now what?

    And I agree with you both!  Can't be messin' with the microbes.  It was only on the counter for about 30min. Then into the Big Chief for 2-2.5hrs of smoke (not really sure what temp the Big Chief is capable of, not insulated, and it was cold out), then into a 240F oven until 165F internal, then...
  9. marknb

    Electric smoker catastrophe, now what?

    OK, was going to do a pulled pork today for my brother-in-law's birthday tomorrow, only to find out my MES/Centro has calved on me, and isn't heating.  The meat is on the counter with the dry rub on it as I type!  At any rate, my father-in-law is loaning me his Big Chief so that I can at least...
  10. marknb

    Quick Q veiw

    Hi Spec, nice looking meat stix too!  Is that a smoker or a dehydrator you're loading them into? Are the walls of the unit glass or metal ( I think metal, but from the pic I can't be sure)? Nice # of racks in that thing at any rate.
  11. marknb

    Temp Controler

    Yes, but kind of pricey I see.  Are there any other more cost effective controllers avail?  You could buy another used oven thermostat with sensor for $20-30, but they usually only have a minimum setting of 170F, not so helpful if you're trying to smoke sausage or bacon at about 100-130F or so.  
  12. marknb

    Another disappointing Turkey trial

    Thanks Johnny, will do!
  13. marknb

    Another disappointing Turkey trial

    Hey, thanks for the replies.  Re: Boneless skinless cuz that's how they came from my meat shop - local, free range, all natural turkeys, not sure what became of the thighs, legs and wings.... I could buy a whole bird and have it quartered, dont think it would fit in my little smoker whole. Re...
  14. marknb

    Another disappointing Turkey trial

    Hey all, Looking for some input.  I just finished my second run at smoked boneless skinless turkey breast this past Friday night (and into about 4:30am Sat morning), and for the second time, it was too salty, and drier than I would expect for a brined piece of bird. I followed the brine recipe...
  15. marknb

    Naked Sticks and Sausage

    I would elevate my grinder (put it on a book or wood block or something) and squirt the sticks directly onto the racks.  And I use a pair of scissors to cut to length.  You can move them some, in the recipe I use the meat is still quite tacky when raw.
  16. marknb

    Naked Sticks and Sausage

    I have a stainless 1/4" tube I use for stuffing snack sticks, and a jerky pistol which has pretty much the same nozzle sized attachment that I've used for 'nakid' sticks also.  Can't see why one would work any different than the other.  As a matter of fact, I'll bet my stuffer would be faster -...
  17. marknb

    Kabanosy w/qview Finished Qview added

    Hey Nick, sorry your skins were tough.  I've heard (and tried it a couple of times) that a couple tablespoons vinegar in your soaking water will keep your casings from being tough.  I've never noticed mine being particularly tough in the first place, but I'm still on my first hank of hog...
  18. marknb

    Chicken Sausage is The Devil!!!

    You might try soy protein concentrate, good binder, no funky flavors. A cup to 5lbs.
  19. marknb

    Insta Cure #1 question

    Sure Cure = Instacure = Prague #1 = Pink Salt, etc, but not Morton's Tenderquick or Peklosol!
  20. marknb

    powdered buttermilk

    I'm not an expert by any means, but I did ask one a while back about this. Here's what he told me, at the risk of peeing off my main sausage stuff supplier (names have been omitted to protect the innocent - me!). What he said was, adding powdered milk solids to add flavor or 'tang' is a scam...