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  1. firemanjon

    First cook on the Yoder w/ Qview

    Just takes a few cooks to get used to how it wants to run. You will get the hang of it. My large offset I cut my wood to a certain size for it once I figured out what size split it wanted to hold temperature. It just takes a little trial and error and you will have it going in your sleep. Great...
  2. firemanjon

    Brisket Burnt Ends How-To

    It will keep in cooler wrapped in foil/towels fine. If you aren't using the oven for anything you can always kick it on at 150-160 and throw it in there to hold also.
  3. firemanjon

    Brisket - help

    Sometimes thinner flats without a lot of fat content cook through fairly quickly. X2 wildwest. I generally do not wrap mine unless I'm short on time but it will hold fine once it's done. I usually cook mine around 275-325 degrees though so they tend to cook fairly quickly to the stall then...
  4. firemanjon

    First cook on the Yoder w/ Qview

    Good luck with the smoke!! Looking forward to seeing how it comes those yoders
  5. firemanjon

    Wrapping Brisket

    I'm with Al. I usually only wrap if I'm in a time crunch. Unless I'm experimenting my normal way of cooking is I usually stick a probe as soon as it goes in(kinda looked down on by some but I look at it as being no different than injecting) and normally don't open the lid again until it's time...
  6. firemanjon

    Liquid Smoke

    That's the thing I have to go refill right now cause the dog brought it to me and is staring at me now. Never use one on any of mine either
  7. firemanjon

    Surf and turf surprise for my bride

    Looks excellent!! Going to do some steaks for the wife this weekend too. Point!!
  8. firemanjon

    Today was a good day

    Haha!! Should've pre read that before I hit reply lol...meant experienced guys not wise guys. Been a long day lol.
  9. firemanjon

    Today was a good day

    Only way to do it...I post as I go so if it turns out bad it just does. There's enough wise guys on here they might be able to help you along the way if something is going wrong. I bet you'll be just fine. Well on your way already. Practice run is s great idea
  10. firemanjon

    Today was a good day

    Those are awesome looking smokers...congrats!! If I bought a backyard unit right now this particular one would be up at the top of my list
  11. firemanjon

    New user, looking for a new smoker!

    Welcome to the forums!! Lots of great guys and good information here...wonderful place. Take a look around and review the different models and decide on what you will be cooking size wise and what fuel you want to use. If you are used to an UDS I'd give a look into WSM cookers. 18.5" model is...
  12. firemanjon

    Stolen smoker from NE Philadelphia

    3 meals a day in an air conditioned room is to good of treatment for the likes of this...but hope they get caught.
  13. firemanjon

    1st Brisket this weekend.

    Congrats on the smoker!! I have researched heavily into getting one for when I can't be home all day...I love those units...let us know how it works!! That's a great read max2 linked to...lots of useful information. I've done brisket many different ways and my personal favorite for around the...
  14. firemanjon

    Temp too low to smoke wood chips

    This is what I have gone to now with great
  15. firemanjon


    Welcome from Arkansas!! Lots of great guys and knowledge here...look forward to seeing some of your smokes.
  16. firemanjon

    Flavor enhancers, go!

    Great info
  17. firemanjon

    First go at brisket

    Looks great from here!!
  18. firemanjon

    Meat trifecta

    Lookin good so far!! Making me hungry again!!
  19. firemanjon

    Oklahoma Joe's Now at Lowe's

    Don't know what your price range or selection is like in your area but there are many builders around that make nice units locally...don't know if you're looking for reverse flow or not but all our local stores carry around me heavy duty is old country at academy sports and bass pro has a few...
  20. firemanjon

    Weld or bolt?

    Practice makes will get it there. Don't give up!!