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  1. oldcanalsmoke


    No FB either. Picking Concord grapes from parents vine to make jelly and wine. or Picking apples or Making gallons of Chicken Noodle Soup, to freeze and have ready for winter months.
  2. oldcanalsmoke

    Win a PRIZE A DAY from A-MAZE-N Smoker for Father's Day!

    Neck bones for beans AND whole quail!!
  3. oldcanalsmoke

    Son of a Gun, did I just ruin 24 lbs of bacon ??

    Where did you get the bellies?
  4. oldcanalsmoke

    Ribs and salt in new MES30 and AMNPS w/QView

    BTW, the ribs look like bear claws because I slice them up to have more rub surface. Also speeds up cooking a little bit. Always done them that way.
  5. oldcanalsmoke

    Ribs and salt in new MES30 and AMNPS w/QView

    Did pork ribs, and tips, with 1 3/4 rows of apple in the AMNPS. Mustard rub before Famous Dave's rub. I was in a hurry so I grabbed the Dave's. I was quite good. I just smoked for 4 hours, no foil wrap or anything. I wanted to keep it simple on first run of the MES30 and AMNPS. I put some plain...
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  10. oldcanalsmoke

    New MES 30 Gen1 and AMNPs

    Thanks for tips. All seasoned and ready to go. I noticed that when I dropped the chips from loader, the temp went up 25 deg. I have yet to purchase the Maverick, but I guess, when I dont use the AMNPS, ill bump the temp down before adding chips.
  11. New MES 30 Gen1 and AMNPs

    New MES 30 Gen1 and AMNPs

  12. oldcanalsmoke

    New MES 30 Gen1 and AMNPs

    I must have been extra good this year!!! I will search for, but if anyone has readily available link to thread of proper AMNPS placement and vent placement, that would be great. I will also pick up soon the Maverick ET7 line of dual probe thermometer. Any help on proper placement of probe that...
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  14. oldcanalsmoke

    Simple Pancake Fatties

    Recipe recipe recipe!!!! Please.
  15. oldcanalsmoke

    It's that time of year again...Win a prize a day from A-MAZE-N Products through 11/22!

    I dont have Facebook. I would say Graufreckle (sp?)  It's egg noodles with sauteed cabbage. Simple, but tasty!!
  16. Independence Day Ribs

    Independence Day Ribs

  17. oldcanalsmoke

    Independence Day Ribs

    St Louis and baby back ribs. St Louis rubbed, and baby back soaked in soy sauce. TBS with hickory/apple then hickory then pecan. 3 separate foil packs of pellets. Will spray with apple juice and rum blend.