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  1. mdk

    MES Question

    Guys, I do not want to taint Masterbuilt becasue they have been more then wonderful for me. I have an extra unit that does not have a working controller on top of it. My other one is perfect. I was just hoping that I could get this other one working and have 2 smokers. Sorry if I mislead...
  2. mdk

    MES Question

    Thanks so far guys. I have cleaned the connections and they are fine. I have back probed the connector on the control panel side and I have power and ground at the control panel but no lights or controls work. Thanks, Mike
  3. mdk

    MES Question

    I have a MES with a non working digital readout and it is not covered under warranty. Has anyone ever gotten into one of these to see what I can do to get this back up and running? There are 4 small wires going up to the readout. Thanks, Mike
  4. mdk

    my first stuffed backstrap

    Alright Possum and Bryan you got me!!!!!!!!! I got the Loin marinating in a home concoction and the bacon is waiting. I have to try this, it looks real good. I am going to run it to 145 internal temp and see what it all looks like. It is cold here today so it will take some tim to get it...
  5. mdk

    First try at Dutch's Cowboy Gravy

    Tried Dutch's Cowboy Gravy this morning. It was really good. My kids did not like the onion flavor in it and I too feel that the onions over powered it a bit. I will leave them out next time. All and all it was real good. Thanks for the recipe Dutch!! I also used dgross' bisciut recipe and...
  6. mdk

    Controller for electric smoker

    Cheech, The proofer has 2 heating elements. It will make a neat smoker. I will need a controller like you made though. Where can I get all the parts? That thing looks so very professional. I am going to wire the heating elements together and run a male plug out for them. I will connect...
  7. mdk

    Smoked Pork Loin with Mahogany Sauce

    Dutch, I did my first loin this weekend and I had a bit too much cumin in the rub for me :cry: but your sauce brought it right out of it!! It is the best sauce I have tasted. Keep up the good work!! Thanks, MDK
  8. mdk

    Controller for electric smoker

    Thanks Cheech, That was my thoughts to. I am going to look at them tomorrow to see just how they are put together. MDK
  9. mdk

    Smoker Vent

    That's cool Illini!! I have never aced one either. Heck I am lucky not to double bogie a 150 yard par 3 any more. I used to play all the time in high school but evidently when you get older and a bunch fatter your golf game suffers. I cannot get rid of a heck of a slice. Oh well. If I can...
  10. mdk

    1st attempt at Canadian Bacon

    Ballagh, I used the Buckboard Bacon cure on a boneless pork butt and it was awesome. Also MRH is being a bit modest about his loin. It was awesome! My pork butt was great too. I cut it about 1" to 1 1/2" thick and I had my folks down for dinner. It ended up tasting like the best smoked...
  11. mdk

    Controller for electric smoker

    Cheech, Using the proofer we wont need a controller, I guess. It is thermostatically controlled. I do need a smoke generator. Any idea's? Thanks, Mike
  12. mdk

    Smoker Vent

    Illini, Things have kind of gotten away from me and I have not had time to get the mod done. I am going to do it just like you did. My wife shot her first buck last weekend and I had to get it cut up and the head over to the taxidermist so that took most of a day and the day before was just...
  13. mdk


    Dutch, Do you got a good biscuit recipe? Thanks, MDK
  14. mdk

    Smoker Vent

    I am going to do your mod. I was just hoping to have a way to regulate it. I know you use washers but could a flap be welded on to the side with a nut and bolt to hold it in place? Thanks, MDK
  15. mdk

    Smoker Vent

    I want to put a vent in my Masterbuilt Smokehouse and am thinking about using Illini's idea since my wife works for an electrical contractor the parts would be virtually free. But if I can get my hands on a "Butterfly Vent" that may be better. I think they are called butterfly vents. The vent...
  16. mdk

    Design Input for electric smoker

    Cheech, Do you have any pics of your home made smoker? I am interested in how you made your control unit and heat source. My brother in law has a "proofer" that was used for bread. It is 6' tall and is thermostatically controlled. I am going to turn it into a smoker but am not sure what to...
  17. mdk

    New in Iowa

    Thanks gang! This is a really great sight. I have learned a ton already. Keep up the good work MDK
  18. mdk

    Welcome New Members

    Thanks for building this sight Jeff!! It is absolutely priceless for people like me who have not gotten into the smoking meat life yet but are ready and willing to learn. I have gotten some great advice and tips from so many already. Thanks again for building a great sight. MDK
  19. mdk

    New in Iowa

    Sorry, I skipped this and went right into it fo a while. I am very new to smokers and got one for Christmas. I can't wait to get to work. What does the "Donate" mean under some of the proples names? MDK
  20. mdk

    FINISHING SAUCE (for Pulled Pork)

    SoFlaQuer, Thanks for the advice!! I did a Pork Butt in a Bacon Cure and am now ready to do one regular. I will definately use your finishing sauce. I really could use your rub recipe though............Do you recommend a certain Q sauce? Ultra, Thanks for the info. I hate asking stupid...