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  1. jon foster

    Kabob BBQ

    We had planned to do a couple of fatties this weekend but the weather was so nice we ended up spending time away from home instead. But we found time for a quick Chicken Kabob BBQ this evening. Nothing crazy but still darn good. Everything was marinated in a Italian dressing...
  2. Chicken Kabobs

    Chicken Kabobs

  3. jon foster

    Spicy Pickled Eggs (With delicious Q-View)...

    Mmmm..... Looks good! Jon.
  4. jon foster

    low sodium jerky

    I'd be interested to see some recipes too. Jon.
  5. jon foster

    Possible MI Thumb area gathering

    Dang. I think we're out... Jon.
  6. jon foster

    Water or Not

    I don't think I've ever used our smoker without water in the pan. Jon.
  7. jon foster

    Dogs...What breed do you have and whats their name

    German Shepherd's for us. Right now we only have two. Kommandant Zeus and Fraulein Isis. Our kids were born with GSD's and have had them all their lives. I was born with them too and my mom raised them for most of her life as well. My wife has been a convert for over 20 years and loves them too...
  8. jon foster

    What are you doing at this very moment...besides hanging out on the SMF?

    I'm heading to bed. It's been a long day... Jon.
  9. jon foster

    Wet Or Dry Wood?

    I filled the box with wet wood to the top. Shortly after water boiled out of the vents on the cover and dripped down onto the burner. It's not too much but still enough to notice. I'm assuming the water in the wood is boiling out and running onto the cover. I guess I could use less wood so it...
  10. jon foster

    Wet Or Dry Wood?

    I'm asking because I've tried both wet and dry wood. It seems the dry wood smokes better. We have a GOSM. The wood box is just a couple of inches above the burner and when water is in the box it usually spits, spatters and boils over. There's lots of steam but not much real smoke until the wood...
  11. jon foster

    Canning Beans

    I'll look up both of those books. Thanks. Jon.
  12. jon foster

    Wet Or Dry Wood?

    What does everyone use when smoking, wet wood or dry wood? Jon.
  13. jon foster

    Canning Beans

    Thanks guys. Meat Hunter, We've been canning for years with hot water baths but I've never tried pressure canning. I have a couple of Ball Blue books here someplace and will read up before we do it. I don't want to waste the beans by using the wrong method... It also sounds like your method is...
  14. jon foster

    Highly reccomended PC Security Program

    Hey Smokeguy, is that your hovercraft? I Have plans for a few smaller UH models and a Sevtec Explorer. As soon as I get the money and space I'm hoping to get underway on the Explorer. It would be sweet to use carbon fiber too but I doubt I'll be able to swing it... Jon.
  15. jon foster

    New in Michiagn

    Hey Steve. I'm a newbie here too but it's a pretty cool place. What area are you in? There's talk of a camp out/smoke out in Oakland county this July. I believe it's looking like Addison Oaks in the Lake Orion area... Jon.
  16. jon foster

    Canning Beans

    Anyone here do any bean canning? We were given a couple of bushels of fresh beans this week. They will go bad if we don't do something with them so I think we will can them. I'm not big on using pressure cookers and haven't used one since I was a kid (my dad loved his pressure cooker). So, we...
  17. jon foster

    Pounded Pork

    I'm not sure where to post this thread... This is a recipe we've been making for a while. Everyone loves it. It's basically pork loin cut into thin pieces then pounded. I'd say each piece is about 1/4" thick when done. Then it's fried in a pan with a little oil and a lot of butter or margarine...
  18. jon foster

    HVAC School. Good idea?

    Interesting thread. I'm a certified ASE Master. I learned the ropes from a guy I worked for as a teenager. Basically, he was a seasoned wrench and I learned from all of his mistakes. I did very well too. In recent years I've taken easier office/desk jobs. Getting older slows you down I guess...
  19. jon foster

    Renaissance Festivals

    I've seen a few people comment on Renaissance Festivals here. I'm a part time photographer and shoot a lot of renaissance festivals. I do the festivals, the people, their outfits, lots of Rennie events, Pirate events, theme based weddings, parties, and all sorts of crazy stuff. If anyone is...
  20. jon foster

    Made some pickles...

    Here's my Pickled Eggs... Jon.