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  1. aldersmoke

    Corned Beef Sous Vide time and temp?

    So how did your corned beef turn out? How did you cook it?
  2. aldersmoke

    Anova Sous Vide cooler

    Have had this set up for 4 years now. Just 1 hole at the end helps accommodate more big roasts at the same time. Place a SS cooling rack on the bottom for better circulation. Have cooked as many as 4 rib roasts at once on multiple occasions with excellent results.
  3. aldersmoke

    Sous Vide newbie with questions???

    I assume that you have done the cook by now. How did it go? I did see a caution to be sure to use a trivet. Some counters cannot tolerate higher temperatures for prolonged periods.
  4. aldersmoke

    My original bradley

    Have never used mustard. It can be expensive anyway if you're doing a lot of smoking. I've used olive oil or avocado oil for many years with good results.
  5. aldersmoke

    Salmon seems mushy after hot smoke

    Not snobbish at all. Living inland, I only buy the flash frozen fish. It is almost as good as same day fresh. My favorite fish is Sable fish.
  6. aldersmoke

    Thoughts on new Bradley 4 rack original smoker

    I have found that by heating a fire brick in the oven (max oven temp) prior to the smoke and then placing it next to the water dish also helps. Also, I do not attempt to finish the cook in the smoker when temps are so low. I simply smoke for about 4 hours and then finish in the oven with better...
  7. aldersmoke

    Bradley Racks - available anywhere?

    Have you tried calling the Bradley service department? I just bought a replacement puck burner from them and it came quick. Sorry I do not have their number handy.
  8. aldersmoke

    anyone done a WHOLE RIBEYE for prime rib?

    I cooked a 3 bone rib roast (bones removed so roast would fit in Gourmia Sous Vide cooker) at Christmas.  Salted Roast and let sit in the refrigerator overnight. Vac sealed in bag - then cooked for 9 hours @ 135d for medium/medium rare.  The cooker comes to temperature very quickly. When we...
  9. aldersmoke

    Any Bradley owners out there?

    I had the same issue you are having. I pretty much solved the problem by wrapping a heavy solid fire brick in foil and heating it in an oven @ 450 degrees. prior to the cook. Then I place it next to the water bowl. If it is really cold out put another one on a rack and reduce the amount of meat...
  10. aldersmoke

    Smoke scrubber

    Your fireplace idea looks pretty good. I saw a good solution on the Bradley forum. It was in a guys garage so he could smoke in the winter extreme temperatures.  He had a kitchen range hood set over the smoker and had made a stack from 4"-6" PVC with some slots cut at the bottom to aid in the...
  11. aldersmoke

    Bradley Smoker new to forum

    Hello. I am new to this forum, but I have had a 4 rack Bradley for 7 years and have smoked everything imaginable in it.  I had the same problem you are having. I have pretty much solved it by wrapping an old solid, heavy brick in heavy foil. Prior to a smoke, I put it in a 400-450 oven. I then...