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  1. imhungrymk

    Weber Summit Vs Ceramic

    working on it..
  2. imhungrymk

    Weber Summit Vs Ceramic

    I have offsets, UDS, electric and pellet smokers. My backyard has a lot of cookers in it. I just got a Weber Summit Kamado and wow it might be one of the best I have ever had back there. For the people with Ceramic Kamado cookers, what I am missing out on?
  3. imhungrymk

    Weber Summit Mods

    Hello, Anyone with a Summit, have any good mods?
  4. imhungrymk

    Beef bone in Short Rib attempt

    Did you probe for tenderness before you removed them? They look great, but I don't cook these to a temperature
  5. imhungrymk

    Beef bone in Short Rib attempt

    Make tacos. I used a dutch oven with the lid off in the smoker. I debone them before I cook them.
  6. imhungrymk

    New to smoking

    Welcome from Virginia! The RT anything is a greats smoker. I believe when the founders of Treager started working for Pitboss, Traeger lost their edge. Now it is simply a overpriced Pitboss. There are alot of pellet smokers on the market, Recteq and Yoder are in my option one 2 you need to be...
  7. imhungrymk

    Looking for stackable pellet containers

    Is there any wow factor in visiting them?? I use 5 gallon bucket from the hardware store.
  8. imhungrymk

    Korean Ribs

    What do you, to them to make these Korean Ribs? They look the same way normal flanken ribs.
  9. imhungrymk

    A-MAZE-N Maze Smoker tray goes out but LIZZQ Pellet Smoker Tube stays lit

    I had the same issues. I decided just to stop wasting my time and attach a cold smoke generator to the side of my Recteq.
  10. imhungrymk

    Old School...

    I enjoyed this thank you for posting it.
  11. imhungrymk

    Hey all

    Welcome from Virginia!!!
  12. imhungrymk

    sear box vs charcoal

    You should look at the recteq b380 bullseye. It is kinda like a weber but with pellets. I am every happy with mine.
  13. imhungrymk

    Bacon breakfast, er, dinner sammie.

    This looks really good. Sometimes I will make this type of sandwich but us pancakes as the bread....ohh you should try it.
  14. imhungrymk

    First Brisket

    looks great!!! how did she taste?
  15. imhungrymk

    New to smoker

    Yes ambient temp and sunlight will effect stick, coal, gas and some electric smokers however pellet and most electric smokers have a sensor that tells the smoker it's interal temp. I had the masterbuilt mini refrigerator smoker when I first started smoking food. If it is only 40 degrees out...
  16. imhungrymk

    Firewood rack / seasoning wood

    I think stones will attract bugs and maybe snakes if the stones get sunlight and warm up. I am wondering if you built a cover or if you are going to tarp it?
  17. imhungrymk

    SPG - paprika

    Do you guys trust this conversion chart?
  18. imhungrymk

    Liquid Smoke for dry cured salami?

    I think that you are smoking the meat for more than just flavor when you are curing it. The cold smoking process creates a antimicrobial environment. I link a good page for more information.
  19. imhungrymk

    Using a Propane Smoker

    Soak them in water before adding them, also you should be adding them to a pan near the bottom, not directly in the fire. Also once you get that corrected, make sure you watch the temperature, sun and weather around and on this type of smoker. I can tell you how many time I have set one up and...