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  1. First WSM smoke w/QView

    First WSM smoke w/QView

  2. spacecadet

    First WSM smoke w/QView

    Hi all, I haven't posted in a while...actually, haven't smoked in a while.  I got my new 22.5 WSM in the other day.  I got a little tired of tending the BTLE all day.  Thought I would share some pics/story with you folks.   I used the Minion method with a 40 oz. kidney bean can in the center...
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  7. spacecadet

    First ABT's & Mushrooms

    I try to get back to the Burgh when I can.  Still have friends and family there.  I miss the Burgh "feeling" an' at. Just don't have that here.  Plenty of Stiller fans here though!!!  P.S.  Gotta remember to hit Primanit's (sp) at the strip next time I'm dahntahn an' at. Been a while!!
  8. spacecadet

    First ABT's & Mushrooms

    Rich, sure, I'll let you know when I make them again.  Ship them on ice. Wait, you already have that.  Big Casino, the bellas were awesome!!  Born and raised in the Souh Hills of the "Burgh". Transplanted to the "Funshine" state 20 years ago.
  9. spacecadet

    First ABT's & Mushrooms

    Thanks all.  They really came out great and were a big hit.  I had never heard of an ABT before joining this I'm hooked!!  I served those with grilled hot wings and coleslaw.  Funny, this time there were left over wings, but no ABT's or mushrooms.  JJ, still new to the forum so I...
  10. spacecadet

    First ABT's & Mushrooms

    Hi all, This was my first attempt at an ABT and stuffed baby bellas. I stuffed them both with a mixture of onion and chive cream cheese, mild cheddar, and flaked crabmeat. Smoked at 230 for about 2 hours for the ABTs and about 1 hour on the mushrooms. I used a 4 to 1 apple to hickory mix. ...
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  13. spacecadet

    New to the forum

    Thanks to all. Maybe I missed it, but I checked the website and the size of the AMNPS is not listed.  Does anyone have that information? 
  14. spacecadet

    New to the forum

    Thanks for the welcome.  I will order the AMNS. I highly doubt I'll ever smoke again in July. Dodging lightning bolts and heat stroke does not appeal to me. 
  15. spacecadet

    New to the forum

    Hi all, I've been a lurker here for a few weeks, finally decided to join you folks.  I live in Port St. John, FL (east-central fl...Florida's Space Coast).  Transplanted from the Steel City.  I have been smoking food for 5-6 years, mostly butts, BB ribs, whole chickens, turkey breast and ham. ...
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