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  1. southensmoker

    Masterbuilt electric project

    Here is my PID install in case any one is looking for info. Did it a couple of years ago though.
  2. southensmoker

    PID and heating element? Here is my install
  3. southensmoker

    Help for novice wiring MES to PID
  4. southensmoker

    Snack Sticks in the New House!

    I can do this but seems I get to much fat between the sticks and the casing.  I use 80/20 and pull them at *150.  Any ideas
  5. southensmoker

    My PID install

    Just went online and ordered 20 amp rocker switch and 120vac indicator lights.  Not use where I ordered them from
  6. southensmoker

    Cured meat in the fridge. How long?

    Made 5lbs with lem packs. 3lbs 80-20 beef, 1lb of buffalo, and 1lb of deer with 1.25 teaspoon of #1 cure.  Got about 2lbs done and my 5lb LEM stuffer broke.  They said sometime nexy week I should have parts.  How long can the cured meat sit in the fridge? Thanks
  7. southensmoker

    Bear with me, this is going to take some explaining.

    Try this post
  8. southensmoker

    PID controller minimum outside air temp

    I wonder why he said the a RTD because a type K thermocouple is good -328 °F to +2462 °F.  Most of the PID can use either RTD or thermocouple.  I would use a thermocouple cheaper, more durable
  9. southensmoker

    snack sticks went in at 10:00 CST with Q view

    Tell you the truth my neighbor hit my coax cable for the internet just as I was to take them off and the wife was bit*hin about no internet so again they got to done and started to cook the fat out of them.  Not real pleased the way they turned out. 
  10. southensmoker

    snack sticks went in at 10:00 CST with Q view

    What kind of valve are you going to use?
  11. southensmoker

    snack sticks went in at 10:00 CST with Q view

    Really not sure on the smoke at lower temps but as far as the second part of your question, my feeling is this, the OEM equipment would over shoot by a bunch also, big recovery I don't notice that, but as far the temp...  You set it and its like plus or minus 1 or two degress
  12. southensmoker

    snack sticks went in at 10:00 CST with Q view

    Like it says made them last night mixed together at 9:00pm and now in the smoker at 10:00amCST
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  15. southensmoker

    Help me with snack sticks recipe

    I have made snack sticks in the past that turned out really good but I'm wanting more of a tang in my sticks.  I use 80/20 ground beef LEM snack stick mix cure #1 2 jalapenos per pound of meat .5lbs of pepper jack cheese per 5lbs meat Like I said would like more tang so I went out and got...
  16. southensmoker

    Beef Stick problems please help driving me crazy.

    I cook mine slow also 100 120 140 160 180 each for about 2hrs.  Sometimes I start at 120.  I pulled mine out at IT of 162°F and I got pockets of fat also that I needed to cut out.  Think I'm leaving them in to long? ` 
  17. southensmoker

    My PID install

    Never done that but sure...  So long as the temp outside of the smoker isn't warmer than 75, in that case you would need a cooler.  LOL  Just lowered mine to see the min temp setting and it stopped at -328°F  
  18. southensmoker

    My PID install

    Yes it does take the place on the controler on top.  The only thing that is original part of the smoker is the heating element and the enclosure.  Everything else has been gutted out.  I will take some pictures soon of the finished product.