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  1. ccpropilot

    RT-700 Bull Pork shoulders

    So, at my neighbors request tonight I am hosting a porkapalooza. People have taken a liking to my pulled pork. I will post pics in the thread of last months smoke (two shoulders from Costco). I also will post a little change that I made to one of the shoulders on this current smoke. I...
  2. ccpropilot

    Two Costco pork shoulders FIRST RT-700 cook!!!

    So...... I am a proud new owner of a RT-700 Bull!!!! An improvement over the ol WSM for sure. I was growing frustrated babying that rig. So here is my new love on her inaugural smoke. Got a package of pork shoulders from Costco. Pulled them out. Rinsed them, patted dry, and hit with my rub...
  3. ccpropilot

    The Secret To Good Sliced Brisket Defies Conventional Wisdom

    Thanks! Been on a bit of a hiatus from smoking. WSM wore me out. Things about 7 years old and needs constant attention. Low and behold for my upcoming birthday I just got a new RT-700 bull! Burnt it in the other day, seasoned it, and I am going to give that baby the honor of cooking me up a...
  4. ccpropilot

    The Secret To Good Sliced Brisket Defies Conventional Wisdom

    To bring this baby back to life, question regarding burnt ends. If I wanna take the point and make some meat candy, separate that and cube it. Sauce it. Hit it with a little rub. I’m doing that shortly after it gets off the smoker though, prior to foil and rest. Correct?
  5. ccpropilot

    Todays Smoke!! Scotch Eggs for "the game"

    Both of you.... Those look awesome. Stan----excellent looking yolks there. I thought of something else too....... The original scotch eggs..... Halved and then "devil" the yolks. Wowzah the possibilities are endless.
  6. ccpropilot

    Thin Blue Smoke? How??

    Bama..... When you do that instead of the minion method about how long does your fire go?? When I tried to do layers like that my fuel seemed to go a lot quicker than when I did the minion method! Thanks, Chris
  7. ccpropilot

    Doing a whole brisket in burnt ends?

    Had a similar situation.... Called my butcher and he was happy to sell me just the points. I bought 4 points at around $4 a lb and 4.5 pounds a piece. Pricey. Yes. But people LOVE burnt ends. In this case requests piled up, made them this way to avoid eating 30 lbs of brisket by myself. Ha...
  8. ccpropilot

    Sirloin Tri Tip (Roast Beef)...some Chicken Thighs....and a lot of Qview! (Warning: You might drool)

    This is my first Qview---so hopefully it turns out well! Okay so I decided it was time to try my hand at a sirloin tri tip for some roast beef sandwiches. I started off with a 4.85 lb sirloin tri tip that I marinaded overnight in 3 cups merlot, one chopped onion, six cloves of garlic, and...
  9. ccpropilot

    Brisket+WSM+Fuel dilemma....

    OK...I have been smokin' meat for about two years. I have done a handful of briskets (all packers) and I love this cut of meat. Typical smoke for me: SPOG+Wooshy morning of cook. Then come about 9PM fire up the WSM and brisky on by 9:30 for an all nighter. I get up hourly to check the smoker and...
  10. ccpropilot

    Going to smoke my first brisket on Sunday with a Qview

    THATTA BOY!!! I knew you'd come to your senses and make some burnt ends out of that beautiful brisket!!! You have inspired me with a weekend project. Just ordered a packer for pick up on Friday! Start her up Saturday evening!
  11. ccpropilot

    Overnight Beef Brisket w/Q-View

    Andrew---what was your rub? SPOG? Looks simple but turned out a real fine bark! Nice looking brisket!
  12. ccpropilot

    Going to smoke my first brisket on Sunday with a Qview

    This all looks GREAT! I think for your guests briging their PJ's and crashing on your couch are well worth it. I'd stay for a brisket breakfast. That bad boy looks like it'd make some NICE burnt ends!
  13. ccpropilot


    Here we are.... 4 hours into the cook, meat is probed... both chuckies are over 140 degrees and are actually within 1 degree of each other. Here are some pics of the meat, the temps, and I just threw on 10 japs for some ABTs! Should be a good one :) Something about just having a smoker half full...
  14. TBS.JPG


  15. ccpropilot


    I have been smoking pork left and right on the WSM. Did a fattie a couple of weeks ago. Just tried ABTs...and today a chuckie. This is my first hunk o' beef on my WSM and I will give you all a little opinion on the WSM. I have run it about five times now and I will say this---this smoker is...
  16. ccpropilot

    Chuckles going on in the morning....

    Jim-- I bought a two pack of chuckies from sams club. Choice cut, 6.07 lbs total weight, cost was $16.08! About to do my first qview as they went on at about 8:15am cst. At about noon I'm gonna throw some ABT's on. Lookin forward to it! Stay tuned for qview.
  17. ccpropilot

    7 bone chuckie

    Amazing. Looks great. Nice smoke ring too! I am doing my first Chuckie tomorrow. Can't wait---hopefully my results are similar to yours!
  18. ccpropilot

    Smoked Prime Rib

    Looks good! $3.99/lb?  Was the cow diseased? hahhaha... I hope you got many more in the freezer.
  19. ccpropilot

    Chuckles going on in the morning....

    Thanks Adiochiro!!! My wife does not eat much in terms of meat. She is more of a pasta/salad/fruit/eggs--->HEALTH NUT :)  I could eat chicken for breakfast, pork for lunch, and beef for dinner haha. My first child is on the way, and my smoking hobby started while she has been preggo---in other...
  20. ccpropilot

    Chuckles going on in the morning....

    Greetings smoking friends! I am throwing 6.07 lbs worth of chuckies on the smoker tomorrow morning. Right now they are bathing in some worschtershire and before bed I'm gonna pat them dry, rub them with SPOG. Smoking with mesquite and cherry wood at 225 until IT is 165. Then foil. (does anyone...