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  1. funk

    Competition cooking question

    Hey Mike. Thanks for the reply. This does help me out.
  2. funk

    Competition cooking question

    I am thinking of entering my first competition locally in the summer, but wanted to start planning now.   My biggest questions is when doing brisket and Butt, do most competition teams finish cooking these early and then wrap and hold until turn in time?  If this is the case, how far in advance...
  3. funk

    Dual UDS Design needed

    I came across two 55 gallon drums for just a few dollars and my thought is to have one be the firebox and the other on top as the cooker.  Here is my main issue,  I know nothing about welding nor do I know anyone that welds.  Can I accomplish this idea without welding?   I am also looking for...
  4. funk

    Tuning Plates

    It is finally time to retire my old Char-Griller Smoker due to rust.  I am planning on buying another Char-griller or a Brinkman offset.   I know that tuning plates and a baffle are common modification ( I did not use them in my last smoker) and I would like to know what exactly I can use that...
  5. funk

    Quick brisket cook

    I read Jeff's article about starting a brisket low and slow then finishing at high heat. I have a 5lb flat that I am cooking tomorrow and I have limited time before my party. I need and estimated total cook time. In the article, it was 7hrs for a 10lbs. Would it be safe to say 3.5 to 4 with...
  6. funk

    How long for Chicken legs?

    I decided to drop the cupcake chicken and go with chicken legs instead.  I got up late and I really do not want to do the prep.  How long should I cook the legs for?  I was planning on cooking at 275-300 and possibly doing them lollipop style if I can get myself going.
  7. funk

    Cupcake Chicken

    After reading about cupcake chicken, I want to make some for my son's birthday party.   Need advice on what temp and how long they should cook for?  Do i need to brine?  Any advice from those that have done this would be appreciated.
  8. funk

    finishing sauce questioni

    the first over nighter went great.  put two butts on last night at 9pm and temps held all night with no refueling my weber.  I expect to pull and foil around 11am and place in cooler.  Having a family party and dinner is at 5pm.  I am hoping the meat will stay hot until 5while in the cooler...
  9. funk

    I hate last minute smoking!!!

    My Weber does hold pretty good.  I think at this point I will just do an overnighter.  I am figuring between 12-16 hours for 2 at 8lbs each.  If I do it today, I will not be able to get them on until noon, so I am looking at midnight or later.  I think I will take my chances and put them on at...
  10. funk

    I hate last minute smoking!!!

    Got the call yesterday from my sister that she wants pulled pork for family party friday afternoon.   I was going to cook 2 8lbs today, but I took the kids to the drive inn last night until 2 (Brave and Avengers, if you wanted to know.  Both really good).  I was planning on cooking today, but I...
  11. funk

    Brisket Question

    Thanks.  I am going to try it next time.
  12. funk

    Brisket Question

    I have heard of doing that and I have 3 bags sitting in my garage so I will try it next time.  Does it take your smoker an extra time coming up to tempature?  Do you use a full pan of sand?   thanks.
  13. funk

    Brisket Question

    I smoked a brisket a few weeks ago using my WSM instead of my usually UDS.   It turned out really good, but the only problem is that the rub was very moist when I went to slice it.  Most of it came off.  I did use the waterpan and filled it about half full.  Do I really need to have water in the...
  14. funk

    Cooking Ribs

    When smoking ribs in the past, I use a full rack of spares and use the 3-2-1 method.  I have two slabs in the freezer that I am going to cook up this weekend.  I plan on preparing them St. Louis style so my question is, do I still do them 3-2-1 or modify it?  How much liquid is suggested to use...
  15. funk

    Ups and downs of todays butt

    Temps were correct and I was opposite the bone.  It still turned out good, but was the first time I have experienced this.
  16. funk

    Ups and downs of todays butt

    I used both hickory hardwood and lump.  
  17. funk

    Ups and downs of todays butt

    Started smoking my 8lb at 6am this morning on my 18" Weber SM.  First the Upside of the day: Used Humphrey Lump.  LOVE IT.  I bought a 20lb bag and used not even a 1/4 of it and it lasted 14 hours with some left over.  I have 6 bags of Kingsford that will never be used.  i bought into the big...
  18. funk

    Help in preparing for first competition

    I would like to ask for some help from all who have competition experience.  I am entering my first contest in September, so I hope to get plenty of practice over the summer.  Some questions I have: 1.    What size brisket and butts should I be using? 2.    Should I plan on the brisket and...
  19. funk


    I am not sure.  this is my first time so I am not familiar with what they look for.
  20. funk

    Is this safe?

    I have a chargriller that I have not used in a while because I have been using my UDS and WSM.  The problem has been the ash pan in the firebox has large gaps and does not close flush.  It seems to get bigger each year.  I used to put foil in the gaps that still did not work.  I bought some high...