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  1. Danblacksher

    Name my smoker build.

    Holy smoker, Smokanator, of just Cletus
  2. Danblacksher

    Finished my first build

    Just awesome this would be exactly the way I would want one built. Incredible work!
  3. Danblacksher

    WARNING!!! Lock up your liquor.

    Thats why i dont keep any tiny bottles of liquor at the house lol.
  4. Danblacksher


    would love to try picanha.
  5. Danblacksher

    Which 36 inch griddle to get?

    That my issue. I like cooking on it just wish it got hotter.
  6. Danblacksher

    Simple Chili Dogs

    Man I have to make another batch of dogs. One of if not my favorite!
  7. Danblacksher

    Another Crappie Day...

    without a doubt best eating fresh water fish I have ever eaten. Amazing!
  8. Danblacksher

    Recteq RT-B380 deluxe experience.

  9. Danblacksher

    This is a great pellet Grill

    Update on the Recteq. I have now cooked chicken steaks and pizzas and they have all been incredible. This was my second pizza cook and that was the main reason I got it, and I am blown away. I used bread flour instead of 00 pizza flour and the crust was even better, and cooked at 750. Thanks for...
  10. Danblacksher

    This is a great pellet Grill

    I have a great offset smoker, and I was looking into a pizza oven. I settled on something I could use as a pizza oven and a grill. I got the recteq bullseye deluxe. This unit goes to 1000 degrees. I have to say it is a solid unit I am very pleased with how it responds. I got the pizza stone kit...
  11. Danblacksher

    How do you record your Recipes?

    Since most measuring cups are not the same I record mine in percentages and then grams so it comes out the same each time.
  12. Danblacksher

    Favorite Way to cook a good steak

    got a recteq bullseye deluxe headed my way. gets to 1000 degrees so excited about raising my steak sear to the next level!
  13. Danblacksher

    Some heavy weather coming

    gonna be 16 degrees here tonight in Mississippi. That will cause a widespread panic and there wont be any bread on shelves for 200 miles. lol
  14. Danblacksher

    OMG Its cold!

    I bet you neighbors though you were crazy putting a tshirt and boxers on a dog lol
  15. Danblacksher

    Ever had a craving you HAD to satisfy?

    Crawfish and pulled pork balls i am craving and my son is craving beignets
  16. Danblacksher

    Ever had a craving you HAD to satisfy?

    happens to me all the time thats why i am overweight lol
  17. Danblacksher

    Favorite Movies Thread...

    gladiator for me. the scene in the colosseum when they are suppose to get slaughtered always makes me cry when they win and i don't know why. "Whatever Comes Out Of These Gates, We've Got A Better Chance Of Survival If We Work Together." "As one!" "Brothers, What We Do In Life Echoes In...
  18. Danblacksher

    Recteq RT-B380 deluxe experience.

    Also with the pizza accessories they said they figured out how high the stone needed to be to cook the top and bottom at the same temp. I was thinking if you can get charcoal flavored pellets you could do both wood fired and charcoal fired pizzas
  19. Danblacksher

    Recteq RT-B380 deluxe experience.

    Keith that was one of the reasons I am looking at the bullseye deluxe. I have the blackstone flat top, but it dosent get hot enough and they sell 22 inch cast iron flattops for this. I could love to know how I could get the blackstone hotter. When I do smash burgers I have to wait for it to heat...