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  1. wtipton

    Its been awhile.

    Use to be back in the day, seems not so much now
  2. wtipton

    Its been awhile.

    Sad to see everyone got so jaded. My fb page is for a hobby and it states that. Its a way to share Q on my home built pit with friends and family. Yes eventually my dream is to turn it into a business but that's a long way off. Anyway I apologize for triggering people and the link has been...
  3. wtipton

    Its been awhile.

    Absolutely, sorry for the drama.
  4. wtipton

    Its been awhile.

    I have been been around this forum since 2012. Have bought all of Jeff's recipes and classes. Just because I havent been on in a few years doesn't mean I haven't contributed time and money to this site. I do hear and respect your opinion though.
  5. wtipton

    Its been awhile.

    Oh I have paid plenty of money to the owner of this site back in the day. But I do get were your coming from.
  6. wtipton

    Its been awhile.

    It's been awhile but we're back. Can I get a like for our newest adventure? Removed link per admin request. Enjoy the pics
  7. wtipton

    Pulled pork advice

    225 is perfect for brisket, which perhaps were your getting the number from. Like stated above pulled pork is more forgiving, for me personally I strive for 250.
  8. wtipton

    Smoked a (test) pig over the weekend

    I work with a local mobile food bank called Mission of Hope ( ) (I know a shameless plug), So I see a lot of the need out there. Glad to hear that there are others out there doing the same.. William
  9. wtipton


    OK Guys I cam across this and have to share with all so they can avoid the trap!!!! this video is a little slow but holds valuable information that EVERY BBQ GUY NEEDS TO KNOW!!! You have been warned William
  10. wtipton

    Offset Beer Keg Smoker

    Northcoast, Thanks for the correction. Stainless steal will hold up better as a firebox.  William
  11. wtipton

    1st Smoke

        That's one good looking roast... Congrats on getting the bug.... As my wife says it is a illness, (for me at least) Look forward to seeing more of your Q! William
  12. wtipton

    Offset Beer Keg Smoker

    Hey Dallas I might be off base but every Keg I have come across is made from aluminum and would not withstand the heat of a side fire box. my understanding with the vertical keg smoker is that you are not having to build as large of a fire to get up to temp as you would have to for a offset or...
  13. wtipton

    Help first time brisket

    Absolutely, I have held a brisket at temp for 4+ hours foiled wrapped in towels and in a cooler. just make sure the whole cooler is filled with towels. Hope it is good eating and remember    William
  14. wtipton

    2nd attempt at Brisket

    I had the same issue with my first Brisket, I solved it by injecting. I inject 1 part Rub and 2 parts water or beef broth (depending on your preference) I found this does 2 things: 1. it helps moisten the meat 2. gets the spice flavor into the meat.  I have always foiled but the last one I did...
  15. All Night Brisket

    All Night Brisket

  16. wtipton

    All Night Brisket

    Greeting all and happy Saturday Night, I figured I better sit down a write this before I pass out as I have been awake for the last 38 hours....  So my Sister is in town for a visit and has never had my BBQ, So I decided to treat her to a Brisket. I had a 16# in the freezer that i thawed out...
  17. 2013-05-04 18.15.44.jpg

    2013-05-04 18.15.44.jpg

  18. 2013-05-03 19.39.49.jpg

    2013-05-03 19.39.49.jpg

  19. wtipton

    I Need Some Help!!

    So??? How did it go???????
  20. wtipton

    New Twist To An Old Smoker

     Thanks for the awesome thread. keep it going... William