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    done too early

    That was absolutely my thought, but now I'm worried about bacteria not cooking off, so I turned it back up to 225° let it go to 165°, let it rest for an hour, then carve it. I'll put it back on the smoker with some broth for a little bit just before serving. Thanks for the help
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    done too early

    Happy Thanksgiving! I started my 20 lb turkey at 2:00 am on my pellet grill in anticipation of it taking 10 hours (30 - 40 min/lb) it's almost done 5-1/2 hrs into the smoke. can I rest it in a cooler for a few hours then put it back in at 180 degrees for an hour or so just before I need it?
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    resting a standing prime rib roast

    I am cooking both a standing prime rib roast and lobster tails on my recteq pellet grill for Christmas dinner. My question is; How long can I rest the prime rib roast in a cooler without wrecking it while I smoke the lobster tails, which should take approximately 45 minutes to an hour?