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    Dialing in a Master Forge Double Door

    i line the bottom of the tray so as to avoid creating hot spots in the wood box
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    Free cookbook

    someone call and get one for me - doubt they would ship a free book to canada :P
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    nice ride - looks real clean
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    Sealing the fire box

    theres many different high temperature RTV sillicones out can get them rated for over 700 just have to look around
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    i am looking for a good set of silicone gloves  not silicone i know but prolly better than sillicone
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    MY NEWEST DESIGN "meal of fortune'

    all i have to say is WOW
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    Greetings from the Pacific Northwest!!

    Welcome to another Master Forge owner.....happy smoking and good eatin :)
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    Report back about my smoked Chickens & Turkey

    thanks for the recipe - we're lucky to have a store here called the bulk barn - they sell a variety of spices and such in bulk including a plethora of dried fruits and veggies - no need to go thru the hassel of drying my own apples haha
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    Report back about my smoked Chickens & Turkey

    do you have a cell phone with a camera? thats all i use to take my pics with - and i would really like your recipe for your apple rub - gonna do some ribs this weekend and would like to use an apple rub on it - think it would go great with the apple butter sauce i have planned
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    Greetings from Sarasota

    well.....i was in a hurry to put dinner on and wanted to check out my new smoker so i did the easy thing and smoked a couple pork chops in mine for its maiden voyage.....then i did a 3.5 lb outside round roast for its second trip......both worked out well - whatever you do just keep an eye on...
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    Smoked ribs over the weekend - I love the 3-2-1 method. lots of pics!

    hey Steve nice to see a fellow Ontario person on here - im in the Peterborough area - those ribs look amazing - im doing some ribs up this saturday - cant wait!!!
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    Got a question about smoke

    well with the electric - you may have to do a bit of investigation on your own - try it once with water and once without to see what produces the better quality - use the same type of meat and cut so there isnt a huge disparity there - i have a propane smoker and well - as soon as the garden...
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    Got a question about smoke

    theres a big debate as to whether or not water helps in the smoking process......i did a roast in mine the other day with water in the pan - it would really help to know what rig you're using as some rigs have a much larger water pan than they should (like mine) and the water actually blocks the...
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    What to do with a Traeger Lil Tex Elite Body?????

    Turn it into a cold smoker
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    Welcome - as for the rig you're interested in - the reviews here are great - i spent a couple weeks just reading reviews on different rigs that i was interested in before deciding on mine.  Guess the best way to go about it is to set your budget and find the options within that price range -...
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    Beer and cheese

    what kinda beer are you making?
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    Cold-warm smoker - electrical safety concerns

    id be somewhat scared of that setup - specially with the plastics - dont want the plastics to start melting and release any toxins in the food - one the plastic is a little soft its too late - might as well dump the load of meat in the trash cause the plastic is already releasing toxins - and...
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    The Jerky World???

    if you're selling via farmers markets and the like i dont think they can really stop you from running something like that from home
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    looks tasty 
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    2nd smoke - 3.5 lb outside round roast

    thanks guys :)