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    Why does this happen

    Thanks everyone for your advice and tips. Thermometers were accurate. After I wrapped the Brisket, I put it in an oven at 225 and it went from 170 - 203 in about 2 hours. Since I was making it for a day on the lake for the 4th, I immediately threw it in the fridge. Lake day morning I was up...
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    Why does this happen

    Good idea. I have two probes in it from a digital thermometer, but I should check the grate temp.
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    Why does this happen

    I constantly see videos of guys putting their smoker between 225 and 250 degrees and they smoke their brisket for something like 8 - 10 hours before they take it off to wrap it. They say to get the meat to between 165 and 180 degrees. Well, I've got a 13 lb Brisket I put on the smoker at 10:30...
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    Technical question about wrapping

    Watching. I wouldn't poke a hole, the fat may start a flare-up and burn your meat to a crisp. But I'd be interested to hear what others say because I have the same problem.
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    New to smoking - brisket advice

    Great advice all, I"m trying one this weekend too. I've done tons of Butts, Ribs, Loin, etc.... but I've not had luck with Brisket. Going to give it another go.
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    Beef Ribs.

    Those look really good. What temp did you smoke them at?
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    Is it ruined? Need advice

    I appreciate everyone's help and advice. This is a great site and I'll be a frequent visitor I'm sure. I'll remember pics next time.
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    Is it ruined? Need advice

    Actually, because I ramped up the temp hotter than I normally do, the fat, along with the dry rub I put on it, charred to a really tasty and crispy crust on the outside. I had to scold my wife because while it was on the counter wrapped in foil while I prepared the other stuff, she kept coming...
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    Is it ruined? Need advice

    An update: I cooked it to an internal temp of 220. We ate it, it was yummy and nobody got sick. Yay!
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    Is it ruined? Need advice

    Awesome!! Thanks Dave and Al. I appreciate the help.
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    Is it ruined? Need advice

    Thanks Al, It's a bone in butt, but I did inject it. It smelled fine and the outside was just a bit charred from the initial heat and getting it up to temp. It was 6:50 AM and around 30 degrees outside when I checked it and started the fire back up. I think that had this happened when the...
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    North Georgia!

    Don't you mean "meat"? I'm in Cumming, GA.... Might be interested.
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    very little smoke

    I always soak my wood before putting it in. Smokes like crazy. But I'm using chunks directly on the charcoal in a Kamado Joe.
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    Is it ruined? Need advice

    Hello all. First post. So, I smoke my Butts about 16 hours, low and slow. About 220 - 235 degrees. I usually start them around 11PM, go to bed, wake up, stoke the fire if needed and then let it cook until about 4 or 5 in the afternoon, then wrap it in foil and let it sit till dinner. Last...