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    RE: Bearcarver's health

    Glad to hear you're doin better Bear. Hope to see you back on the boards soon.....
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    RE: Bearcarver's health

    Been away for quite a while. Didn't realize Bear wasn't on anymore and certainly didn't know if any health issues. He was always plenty whiling to lend his knowledge every time I asked. Good man and great contributor to this site.  Thinking of you and your family buddy. Get well soon. Chris...
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    Hello from Bucks County, Pa

    Welcome Pete. It's good to see some more folks from the area. Enjoy your stay. There are lots of great people here with tons of info. They are always whilling to lend a hand.
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    Richoso update

    I have'nt been around much lately. Sorry to hear you were having troubles there Rich, but glad to hear you're doing well. Take care friend
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    Mini Patio RF Build

    Looks awesome man. The orange really stands out. Feel free to go ahead and send this one to me so you can start on that next one.
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    WEDDING UPDATE (pics added)

    Congrats Chris. Glad everything worked out. It's funny how we stress over the stuff that (when it comes down to it) really doesn't matter. My wife and I made the same mistake. The important people in our lives who care about us don't really care what we serve or where we have our wedding. They...
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    Electric ECB and getting the right amount of smoke

    Although I am no expert, I can say what works for me. I place a few chunks between the coils (none too big that they touch the coil) along with 2 pieces of charcoal. (It does help) I try not to add too much wood at one time. It's easy to croud the element and cause the chunks to catch fire and...
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    HELP!!!! Catering My Own Wedding this Weekend

    LOL. That's how mine went. Immediate family turned into 140+. I had to pay for mine, so when 50 bucks a head turn into 140+ people.....  Oh well, it was a great day. Good luck with it and congrats!!!
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    Where is everyone?

    I'm in. I can see my house from here!
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    Mini Patio RF Build

    I'm sorry I missed this but glad to see it resurface. Nice build. I love the pig and cross bones. LOL
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    A Local's View of Tahiti - Continued Part II

    Thanks for the pics and the tour. Surely a beautiful place.
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    A Local's View of Tahiti - Continued Part I

    Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the pics. Off to part 2.
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    First "smoke" in my new Weber 22.5 kettle (Qview)

    Wait til' the family and friends see you taking pics of your food and prep process. I'm still getting "the look"
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    First "smoke" in my new Weber 22.5 kettle (Qview)

    That's how I started out too. Corned beef brisket on my Coleman kettle. You gotta start somewhere. As for the saltiness, if you didn't already do so, try soaking the brisket for a few hours and change the water frequently. That'll help It all looks good. Thanks for sharing.
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    Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks

    Looks awesome Sqib. Gotta love a simple appetizer.
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    Understanding English

    HA!!! Good one.
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    More Beef Ribs (Q-VIEW)

    Those look delicious! I gotta do some beef ribs again.
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    My Memorial Weekend BBQ

    Thanks a lot everyone! The best thing about smoking, in my opinion, is the trial and error. It gives me an excuse to buy more meat and keep tryin. I did get a little taste of a few things, just not everything I made. I think I took on a little too much. LOL I'm an overachiever. These were by...
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    Any SMF Members at Knoebels this past weekend?

    We're going next month. The last time we were there we went to a BBQ joint called Skeeters in Shamokin Dam. Good, not great.
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    1st Fatty TodayDSC01158.JPG

    Lookin good. There will be more to come I'm sure.