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    Wood chunks with charcoal in chimney?

    I have a Napoleon Apollo water smoker, similar to WSM. Going to try to use it like a kettle grill today to do some steaks, with the grate just above the charcoal, no water pan of course. Will be doing a direct sear, so only a short time per side over the hot side of the coals.. To impart a bit...
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    Slicing whole picanha - with or against grain?

    That will be my following session with a picanha, using the rotisserie
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    Slicing whole picanha - with or against grain?

    I'm smoking a whole picanha tomorrow, Malcolm Reed style, but I hear varying opinions re slicing the whole roast with versus against the grain... But I think that I may have figured it out, so hoping for opinions.. If you are slicing it thin (pencil width, brisket style) - go against the grain...
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    Tin foil pan in water pan?

    So, I tried it out and will declare it a tentative success. Was a short smoke, 2.5 hrs for drumsticks. I partially lined the water pan with foil, and put 2L (quarts) of water in a 4L foil pan inside. Clean up was super easy, foil pan was near dry so it would be something to watch for... That...
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    Unstable water bowl in Napoleon Apollo 300?

    I just set my own 300 up this past weekend and agree that there's not much room for error. However, if you set it in empty, center it, and then add water after, I think the weight should hold it in place with good stability. I see that your post is from a number of months ago - how has it...
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    Tin foil pan in water pan?

    New water smoker owner (Napoleon Apollo A300, 19"), all of one session in the books (3-2-1 ribs). Lots of discussion here re: water pans, pros and cons - very interesting, for sure. Heres my question for water proponents: I feel that the water pan in this is bloody huge, too big to easily wrap...