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    Need a Moderator to check this ( spam )

    I can upgrade to a Yoder from my Lil' Joe, get a packer that I often dreamed of ... can you just forward her contact info?
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    I was going to do another Masterbuilt rant... then i ate some of this

    PID: set it and it gets done, it's that easy. You don't want to ruin a highly anticipate meal when the oem controller quit.
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    Much Too Anxious!!

    Time and temp for that turkey?
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    ERR 2 with my MES 40

    I would do it for free if you happen to be somewhere near Redlands.
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    Newby Needing Brisket Advice

    For that big a job in an important event, you'd better have a back up smoker.
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    Racks of ribs

    As many as you can fit.
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    ERR 2 with my MES 40

    In simple terms, when you do the rewire, you effectively bypass the built in controller (which controls the cooking duration and the temperature). The PID will be the controller when you plug your MES into it.
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    50% code for Inkbird Instant read meat thermometer----$9.99 get one

    Have one and also would like a back up.
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    ERR 2 with my MES 40

    First you do the rewire as tallbm suggested,this will cost you nothing but 10 minutes of your time. If after you rewired and plugged it in and the unit heated up, you're on the right track to get the PID. Chances are your safety roll out is good, I wouldn't go there to keep this simple.
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    Forum Font Size

    Wish my tri-tips and ribs got bigger too...
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    MES 340G inoperable and needs updates

    Duly noted, tks.
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    MES 340G inoperable and needs updates

    uxcell 2 Pcs 210 Celsius Normal Closed Ceramic Thermostat KSD301 I bought them on Amazon but have yet to install, they supposedly can go up to 410F.
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    Poor Man Smoker Controller

    FWIW, your smoker is more likely required 120VAC 15A input power. That PID is nowhere near capable of doing the job. A no frill Auber is just about $150, plug and play ready.
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    Surprise, MES 40" not heating and Masterbuilt is no help

    I wish I can say that during summer here in CA, power outtage is the norm...
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    Surprise, MES 40" not heating and Masterbuilt is no help

    I don't have this particular one, but seems like folks prefer this: Also search this site for PID will turn up quite a few.
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    Surprise, MES 40" not heating and Masterbuilt is no help

    If it wasn't the heating element,it's more likely the safety roll out switch. tallbm is well verse in this area, he has some detail info that will get you going again. If you really need to get going in short order, bypass the safety switch.
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    Masterbuilt electric project

    Me think you should cut down on them packers, like once a month. See if your bill getting better.