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    Pics of the Deck Boss 590!

    I'm very happy with mine! Agree about the shipping, packaging and assembly too.
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    New RecTeq models

    And mine just arrived on a pallet. Great delivery service. Looking forward to trying out all the new rubs in the bundle!
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    New RecTeq models

    Ordered Saturday, shipped Monday, to be delivered this Wednesday. Pretty awesome for a grill and bundle package.
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    New RecTeq models

    Just ordered the Deck Boss 590. Didn't want to wait till Black Friday since I intend to be using it for Thanksgiving! Had a $50 coupon, and the bundle added some other needed items at an additional discount.
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    New RecTeq models

    I emailed Recteq and they are partnering with Ace Hardware, BUT it may not be all stores. They have some available in test markets with a 'big' roll out in November. I contacted a few of my local Ace stores, so far none of them have opted in.
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    New RecTeq models

    The extra shelf would be nice. I like plenty of room for sides and such. I've seen some posts suggesting that Ace Hardware may be selling an Ace exclusive model, in the picture it looks like a Beast. I love shopping at my local Ace, if they carry the Beast thats my decision made.
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    New RecTeq models

    Thanks for the input on blankets. Now lets see if I can wait for a sale...the Backyard Beast looks like a nice option too for a little more $$
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    New RecTeq models

    I've been mostly looking at grills that are doublewalled. Not many in my price range, SilverBac, ZGrills 7052B, used traeger ironwood or timberline. How do the recteqs do in cold weather? Do you use a DIY blanket of some kind, or not needed? The Deck Boss meets all of my other criteria, good...
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    New RecTeq models

    I'm in the market for a new pellet grill. Have been holding off to see if I can catch a clearance price. My budget is $500 to $1000. Its nice to see they have added some improvements, but not upped the prices. New Deck Boss is the upgraded 590, same price. Very tempting...
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    Recteq 1250 one year review

    Interesting to see you would have gone a size down. I've been looking at getting a new pellet grill, having previously had a Traeger Pro 575 a couple of years ago. Replaced it with a Chargriller 980. It just seems too big for *most* of what I cook. The size is nice to do two big pizzas side by...
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    Masterbuilt Gravity Fed 800 & 1050: can interior space be heated more efficiently for smaller meals?

    Kinda having the same size debate, only for a pellet grill. I had a Traeger 575 that I sold. I liked it, but needed room for the Chargriller 980. But have decided its really much bigger than I need, looking at going back to a pellet grill. Really like the ZGrills 7052B, about the same size as...
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    Yes,,,more Salmon nuggets

    That last pic of the pile of nuggets looks amazingly delicious! I'd love to try something like that. How, and how long, can you store them? How long do they keep? Also any favorite dips etc. for when you eat them :) I keep scrolling back to that picture and imagining a toothpick in my hand...
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    I've been looking at that 11002B at Sam's too. Seems like a great grill at a great price. My problem is I think I'd prefer the smaller 7052B. But its $50 more and doesn't include the cover which is another $100. I know most would say get the bigger grill, but I currently have the Chargriller 980...
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    New Char-Griller Akorn

    :emoji_laughing: Well done Char-Griller! Any other grilling April Fools announcements out there?
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    New Traeger Grills 2022

    I won't be buying one either, although I did really like my PRO575 (my brother now has it, after I got the Chargriller 980). I don't think this is intended to appeal to the average backyard griller, but might be popular with people putting in a high-end luxury outdoor kitchen. It does have some...
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    New Traeger Grills 2022

    Two new Traeger models released. You'll need some deep pockets! Ace has them listed:
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    Not one damned picture

    Thank you for sharing, I'm inspired! Our 30th coming up at the end of the month.
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    Char Grill Gravity 980 Issues

    My guess would be bridging in the charcoal stack. I've had this happen a couple of times. Temp not going up like you expect. You open the top lid and think you have plenty of charcoal, then you poke it hard and it collapses.
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    Which Gravity Smoker? Chargriller or Masterbuilt?

    A little off topic, but since I mentioned my fan issue with the 980 I thought I should follow up that CG customer service sent a new fan and controller out on Monday, arrived today, and the new fan resolves the problem and runs like a champ. They provided a return shipping label for the failed...
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    Which Gravity Smoker? Chargriller or Masterbuilt?

    My sister in law has the MB560. She loves it, and we've each enjoyed what the other cooks! As mcokevin said, both make good food. As much as I love the 980, its not perfect. Sometimes I admire the compact size of the 560. The size of the 980 is both a pro and a con. Its great for multiple butts...