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    Four hand butt MB 560 all day cook

    I found that adding a large water "heat sink" (big pan, about 2 gallon capacity, to catch the drippings before they get into the fire (assuming I am not doing a mac-n-cheese) and act as a heat sink while keeping the meat more or less self-basting) made a huge difference in my BBQ. That said, I...
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    Four hand butt MB 560 all day cook

    I will second this- mainly because I then get to get those large globs of fat that didn't render out, and toss them in the trash where they belong. If it's one thing I hate, it's a fatty/greasy pulled pork. Unfortunately, this often is what you get. I didn't used to like pulled pork til I...
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    New guy in South Carolina

    New guy here, as well- in Charleston, SC. I have a couple of pits, both which are modified to work with a digital controller. I have a WSM 22" (I think, need to measure) and a horizontal stick burner, both modded to work with a Fireboard 2 and a large fan- which works exceptionally well. I can...