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    Making a Bradley like a MES

    I have only a dozen or so smokes under my belt on my Bradley. If too muck smoke is an issue, you could try using smoke rings every other puck or so
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    When should I wrap my brisket?

    I usually wrap at 160 degrees. Ive found that with briskets it is not always an exact science. I keep mine simple both in brine ingredients and resting period. merry Christmas all!
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    Thoughts on new Bradley 4 rack original smoker

    After using Big Chief smoker or 4 years, started looking at upgrading...MES and Bradley were the main contenders. As is always with product orums, I read the pros and cons of both and ended up going with Bradley Original 4 rack. (which is a 180 from what I thought going into it...Ha). Anyway...
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    My New Pit Boss Electric Smoker - long post

    Now I am rethinking the Masterbuilt... 2 questions: does it really make any difference that the vents are on the back, as opposed to the top like Masterbuilt? Is the digital readout difficult to see? As I researched the Pitboss after reading your review, I discovered that they have a service...
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    Masterbuilt bluetooth

    A long time ago my friend and lots of water under that bridge!...hope you are doing good, and I appreciate all the experience you bring to this forum. I'll be using the data base frequently when I get my MES. I will still use my Big Chief for salmon and cheese. More importantly, I appreciate...
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    Masterbuilt bluetooth

    PAS: Ha! I have wasted more time chasing tech issues only to discover that I overlooked something simple. I hate technology 99% of the time! Bear: Nice to see an "Old Reliable"...was behind you in the 9th by 4 years.
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    Electric smoker

    Thanks, Tom...hopefully I can get to town before they are sold. I couls order on line from Cabelas, but I want to look at it 1st.
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    Electric smoker

    Thanks Hillbilly!...wont get to town for a while but after all is said and done, I believe I'll go with the MES40 and see how that does. After researching this forum and knowing what I intend to do, this should work just fine. Say folks...don't know how important or not a window is, but I just...
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    Electric smoker

    Thank you all. Hi Hillbilly: cost is not my 1st consideration...any recommendations on what you might think is better brand in the electric smoker arena?
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    Electric smoker

    Greetings All! New member...been using a Big Chief for about 3 years, long enough to know that smoking is here to stay for me. The BC has been fantastic, but does have some limitations. While I will always have and use it for certain things (smoking cheese!), I have decided to upgrade. After...