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  1. SmokinAl

    My first try at a crawfish boil!

    I could eat my weight in raw oysters, or shrimp for that matter! I have the equipment to do a shrimp boil, probably at least 15# worth anyways. Al That looks spectacular!! Al
  2. SmokinAl

    Dry cure butt bacon slabs

    Good looking BBB! It is our favorite, bellies are too expensive & we like the flavor of BBB better. The key is to get a really well marbled butt. Al
  3. SmokinAl

    Hidden steaks in a chuck roll sub primal

    Man that looks delicious! Al
  4. SmokinAl

    My first try at a crawfish boil!

    Thank you, It is nice, I wish it happened more often! Al Yes you are probably right! The price would be really high then too! Al Thanks CM! Al Thank you! It was very good! Al
  5. SmokinAl

    Salt Questions

    Just 1000 grams, I’m assuming you’re using curing salt, as in cure #1. You can add all the extra ingredients you want but the curing salt must be CORRECT for the amount of MEAT you are curing. This is the calculator most of us use. Just put in the grams of meat & use the default values...
  6. SmokinAl

    My first try at a crawfish boil!

    Thank you, it was pretty easy. I just followed the recipe & it came out perfect! That doesn’t happen to me very often! Al Thanks Keith, I think the season runs from Dec-May. Al I 100% agree!!! Al I haven’t been up to Clermont in years, used to race triathlons up there. Al It runs from...
  7. SmokinAl

    Fathers Day Whole Hog

    Holy hog! That looked sooo tender & juicy! Al
  8. SmokinAl

    Late Father’s Day Post-Butt Time

    Excellent looking meal! We eat a lot of PP, and yours looks delicious! Al
  9. SmokinAl

    It's a keeper!

    Nice addition to your arsenal Steve! Al
  10. SmokinAl

    Gringo Chile Rellenos

    I sure can see why you are featured on the spinner! Those are right in our wheelhouse. We love stuffed peppers! 🫑 Guess they will be on the grocery list for sure! Al
  11. SmokinAl

    Baby Backs on the RecTeq 1250

    The ribs look fantastic! Great family dinner! Al
  12. SmokinAl

    My first try at a crawfish boil!

    Thank you! Can’t wait until next season! Al Ha Ha ! Thanks Bro, I’m trying to stay alive so I can suck out all the Social Security $ I can. So I do exercise everyday & have most of my life. I think if I could get it locally I would, but if that is 150 miles one way I think I would do mail...
  13. SmokinAl

    My first try at a crawfish boil!

    Thanks Norm! Al Now that is a compliment coming from a Cajun! Thank-you! Al Thank-you! We are doing our best to enjoy every day! Al Thank you , we were planning on adding sausage the next time. We got the butter idea from a YouTube video! Al Thank you guys, it means a lot to get...
  14. SmokinAl

    Bge temp dropped to 160 overnight

    You’re fine, even if you injected it, the salt in the injection would protect it. Al
  15. SmokinAl

    My first try at a crawfish boil!

    Love it! Al Thank you, sounds like your gonna have a feast as well! Al Thanks Brian! I guess it will be shrimp for us next, just need to figure out what to get. Al Yes fellas, That is what I did. My very first crawfish omelette! Sliced the potato’s in half & cooked them in the pan with...
  16. SmokinAl

    My first try at a crawfish boil!

    Thanks Rafter, I got them online from Louisiana Crawfish Co. Out of 10 pounds there were only 2 dead ones. I think that is pretty good! Al Thank you, we went full on & sucked the heads. These were jumbo size & the claws had quite a bit of meat in them too. We were breaking the heads open & just...
  17. SmokinAl

    My first try at a crawfish boil!

    Thank you to Keith @indaswamp for helping me with this. I used his recipe & followed it to a tee. Here is the recipe: We got all the ingredients ready while the water came to a boil. Once the water got to a good rolling boil we put the spices in, turned the heat down & let them cook for 20...
  18. SmokinAl

    Family in Need

    I’m not sure about that Jim, I’ll have to look into it. Al
  19. SmokinAl

    Chicken Breasts done like pork?

    They sure look good to me! We SV breasts & you could easily take them to a pulling temp, and they are always very tender & juicy. Nice job Brad! Al
  20. SmokinAl

    Chicken Breasts done like pork?

    I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I think the time in the foil will keep them moist & pullable. But I think I would take them out a bit earlier, like maybe 150 IT, then do the foil thing. With the foiling part & the seasonings, I bet they taste like PP, without the BBQ sauce.