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  1. shimsham

    Sous vide brisket?

    Great thread!  My sous vide circulator arrives tomorrow, which means sous vide/smoking shenanigans this weekend. I'm really interested in a sous vide corned beef that I can finish on the smoker.
  2. shimsham

    Maple Pepper Bacon Sausage Using Bearcarver's Loaf Method

    I made a 2 lb. batch of this today - turned out great! Thanks, disco.
  3. shimsham

    It's that time of year again...Win a prize a day from A-MAZE-N Products through 11/22!

    The best part of Thanksgiving is tipsy sweet potatoes - contains a hearty amount of whisky.
  4. shimsham

    Masterbuilt not working properly

    When I first got it I noticed the temp was off by about 15-20 degrees. I could work around that. But as I used it more, the temp discrepancy would get worse and worse, until after 4 months it would be off by 50-60 degrees. I was skeptical when MB told me that a new control panel would fix it...
  5. shimsham

    Masterbuilt not working properly

    I called MB about 4 months after buying my Gen 2 40". They shipped a new control panel free of charge, no questions asked the next day. Their customer service is excellent.
  6. shimsham

    Time To Try A Brisket

    I put the probe in the flat (thanks, bearcarver!). Even though the point is thicker, it cooks faster due to all of the fat.
  7. shimsham

    Ivation/Maverick at Amazon for $50 shipped
  8. shimsham

    Win a prize a day from A-MAZE-N Products - enter here every day through 6/23!

    If I win the A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER Contest, I plan to smoke a big ol' fatty this summer.
  9. shimsham

    Pork Spare Ribs and Smoked Mac & Cheese (QView)

    I have never heard of Market Street and I just love over in Tarrant County. Looks like the closest one to me is in Colleyville. I might have to check it out next time I'm visiting my brother in Grapevine. I'm going to have to try some mac n cheese. Good smoke!
  10. shimsham

    beef brisket

    I do seasoned salt, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder. Maybe some smoked paprika. I don't like my brisket to be sweet, so I stay away from the brown sugar.
  11. shimsham

    Beef Round Tip (Q-view)

    That is a beautiful piece of meat! Good job!
  12. shimsham

    A Texas Tradition: The Mexican Inn in Fort Worth

    BTW, this is a good book about that era in Fort Worth if you haven't read it already:
  13. shimsham

    A Texas Tradition: The Mexican Inn in Fort Worth

    I miss the old downtown Mexican Inn. I used to eat there weekly when I worked at the Star-Telegram. The wife and I used to eat at the one on Lancaster a lot when we lived on the east side. My parents ate at the one on 8th Avenue after each of their 6 grandkids were born (5 at Harris, 1 at...
  14. shimsham

    Brisket questions

    I have tried both and can't tell a real difference. That might be because I trim the fat cap down to 1/4" or so.
  15. shimsham

    Stand for your smoker?

    My 5-year-old son has been bugging me to "build something" with him. I think a little stand like Runt's with casters would make a fine father/son project this weekend.
  16. shimsham

    MES 40 Gen 2 - Buyer beware

    I was at the new Gander Mountain store in town this weekend and saw they had a Gen 1 MES for sale. Here it is online:
  17. shimsham

    MES taking forever to heat up

    Rum and OJ sounds like an awesome mop. I'm going to try that.
  18. shimsham

    Onion in the firebox?

    I'll have to try that if only for the awesome cooked onion smell. Maybe throw some garlic in there, too...
  19. shimsham

    coconut charcoal

    I have seen that stuff before in middle eastern restaurants. They use it in hookahs. I had never thought of using it to grill. I'll have to check the local middle eastern grocery store to see if they stock it.
  20. shimsham

    Armadillo eggs. Pretty fun!

    I like this. It's similar to hdflame's take on chiken cordon bleu here: I like the idea of a leaner, chicken-based fatty.