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  1. sky monkey

    Stuffed Burgers - Jalapenos and Hickory!

    My kitchen is torn apart for a remodel right now so good home cooked meals have been a little too rare the last couple weeks. Had to do something about that even though the dishes I created are going to be a PITA. 50% ground beef and 50% ground bison. Seasoned with CBP and Trager's Garlic Chili...
  2. sky monkey

    First time smoked cheese, possible fail

    I switched to using saw dust after the first couple times and have been very pleased with the result. I haven't done the mailbox mod but I put a big pan in between the cheese and the cold smoke maze to try to reduce the creosote before the smoke gets to the cheese. I cut the 5lb blocks into 12...
  3. sky monkey

    Short notice, short-cut pulled pork for 85 people

    Thanks everyone! It was definitely more stressful than a normal cook for me. I've never done that amount of meat before but thank heavens for that 32 qt pressure cooker. Chef JimmyJ - thanks for the recipe on that sauce! DRK - cute doggo! I have a mostly chihuahua breed myself :) Chopsaw - It...
  4. sky monkey

    Short notice, short-cut pulled pork for 85 people

    I was asked to do a pulled pork lunch for 3 shifts at our shop for a morale booster. Total of 85 people over three shifts (50 on day, 15 on swing and 20 on weekend) serving at three different times. I didn't have a budget so I tried to get a caterer to do it but no one could handle the 2 day...
  5. sky monkey

    Memorial Weekend Wagyu Brisket

    Looking good! I'm doing a brisket right now too. I thought I started in plenty of time for a 13lb brisket at midnight but I had a 4 hour stall. Dinner set for 5 as well, it's 1:10pm with an IT of 179.
  6. sky monkey

    Tri-tip, blood blisters?

    Talked to the butcher down the street from me. He said he's never seen more than 2 of those in a tri tip but that they are just a gland. If they were a blood clot he said they would be in the muscle. I'm going to continue to ask around and see if I can get a contact at the local meat inspector...
  7. sky monkey

    Tri-tip, blood blisters?

    I'm swinging by a butcher today, not Winco but an actual butcher. It's definitely not a shotgun wound, I see these all the time on tri tip. Probably half the tri tip I eat I see one on these blood clots on it. I cook about 3 tri tip per month and buy them from 4 different sources. I just got...
  8. sky monkey

    Tri-tip, blood blisters?

    Well it tasted delicious, sans blood clots or whatever they are, lol. Thanks for the responses guys. I see these enough I'm not too worried about it but I've never seen more than 1 on a tri tip so I was just curious. I'll swing by the butcher tomorrow and ask them. I have no idea where the local...
  9. sky monkey

    Tri-tip, blood blisters?

    I've seen one of these on several tri tips in the past. I bought this one, untrimmed and as I was trimming I noticed this one had five of these marks. They're not too deep into the actual meat. Kind of ride in the fat and just a little way into the meat. Can anyone tell me what they are?
  10. sky monkey

    Wearing Gloves, do most people do this while BBQing?

    I wear nitrile gloves when handling raw bacon, hot peppers, pulling pork. Beef doesn't leave near the residue and isn't as hard to wash off. I used to wear them a lot more often before they got so expensive, now I'm suffering the dry skin from washing my hands constantly in the kitchen.
  11. sky monkey

    New member from Chicago, first rib smoke, hooked for life!!!

    Good looking ribs, welcome to SMF from Oregon. Going to need to get a drip tray for that smoker or your wife is going to stop buying outdoor cooking stuff for you when she sees her driveway, lol.
  12. sky monkey

    Brazilian picanha steak w/ spicy chimichurri

    This was $5.29lb which is why my wife picked it up and I should of mentioned I flipped it every 6 minutes on the grill, keeping the cover on (except when flipping of course, lol) I think the indirect heat with rotisserie would the ticket Clifish! Wish I had that option.
  13. sky monkey

    Brazilian picanha steak w/ spicy chimichurri

    I've always told my wife if she sees a hunk of meat for a good price at the grocery store just buy it and don't worry about what it actually is. I'll figure out how to cook it. I usually get about 2 surprises a year and this week was one of them. She brought home a 2 1/2 lb Brazilian picanha...
  14. sky monkey

    Hickory smoked tri tip with black rub - Q-view

    I typically do my tri tips over charcoal Santa Maria inspired (without a Santa Maria grill unfortunately) I got this new beef rub though and while I rarely use rubs someone else mixed up I wanted to try it on a couple different cuts. I did ribeye with it last week but not in the smoker. Here are...
  15. sky monkey


    I've cooked a lot of tri tip but never smoked one, I'm going to smoke one today for the first time. I've always cooked them Santa Maria style (without a Santa Maria grill though) Rub with SPOG + paprika, chili powder, cumin and Mexican oregano, let rest for sometime (even overnight) with the...
  16. sky monkey

    What else is good to stuff poppers with

    I do equal parts cream cheese, sharp cheddar and Manchego (sometimes substitute Manchego with parmesan), ground sweet Italian sausage (browned), minced and grilled sweet onion and garlic, fresh dill (chopped), crushed black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika. Sometimes I...
  17. sky monkey

    Long time smoker first time poster

    Welcome from Oregon!
  18. sky monkey

    Ribeye with new rub

    Thanks for the likes! I'm going to use this rub on a tri-tip in the smoker and reverse seared this weekend. Dying to do a brisket with it but with this Covid crap I can't get enough people over to justify one yet :/ Soon!
  19. sky monkey

    Ribeye with new rub

    I read about the Hardcore Carnivore rubs in an earlier post or two and ordered some from Amazon. Came in Saturday but I had no suitable piece of beef to try it on. Driving past the butcher today I swung in and had them lop me off 2 ribeyes at 1 1/2 inches thick. I was already planning on doing a...
  20. sky monkey

    Anniversary Porterhouse

    Happy anniversary! Porterhouse is one of my favorite cuts, looks very tasty.