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  1. bbqking01

    Post Thankgiving Day Turkey

    Used my EX6 SmokeFire to smoke this turkey. Used Holy voodoo butter mixture under the skin and on top. Then sprinkled with Holy Voodoo all over. Used a couple cups of checken broth in bottom of pan. And basted a few times during the cook. Stayed at 300, for about 4 hours, then I cranked up to...
  2. bbqking01

    Meatloaf and a bacon wrapped one.

    Oops, that’s too funny. And I took the seeds and hottest part out of the habaneros, left the hot part on for the seranos. It was not hot at first bite. But built up a bit toward the end of chewing. Not enough to make you sweat, just enough to feel it a little.
  3. bbqking01

    Meatloaf and a bacon wrapped one.

    So the biggest one didn’t have any cheese per se, although there was a pinch left over from what I put on the inside of the bacon wrapped one. That’s what you’re seeing on the top of the bigger one. It’s very little. Initially it was in the trough of the bigger one and must have came out some...
  4. bbqking01

    Meatloaf and a bacon wrapped one.

    Used 2lbs ground Turkey, 1 lbs ground beef. 2 serano peppers, and 6 habenero peppers. A small onion, and a tbsp of garlic. Used Holy voodoo, and killer hogs the bbq rub. 2 eggs and a cup of bread crumbs. Topped with killer hogs bbq sauce/vinigar sauce, and brown sugar mix. The meatloaf is very...
  5. bbqking01

    14 Years and Nothing

    Hang in there. There is a time and season for everything. I’m hoping you sue there socks off and retire early. Then you could buy the grill/cooker/bbq…etc you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t get down. Life can throw everyone curve balls. Good luck @Chileno
  6. bbqking01

    New member saying hello

    Welcome and nice cooker you have. From Phoenix, Az
  7. bbqking01

    Labor Day Dino's

    I have never eaten beef ribs….those look tasty! I’ve got to get me some to grill.
  8. bbqking01

    Tri Tip Prices

    You can also buy in bulk from Costco. The bulk is like 5-6in a bag untrimmed. A bit cheaper than buying it trimmed. Rn the trimmed at my local Costco is about 7.99 a lbs. you could also try to cook the tritip like brisket….but that’s not as good as medium rare….imo
  9. bbqking01

    Tenderloin pizza.

    The tenderloin was leftover from the night before…
  10. bbqking01

    Tenderloin pizza.

    Inspired by Malcolm Reeds latest football snack. Bought premade dough in a can used my wife’s stone pan, used creamy basil Alfredo for the sauce, sprinkled with mozzarella, then the chopped up grilled tenderloin. Purple onion, banana peppers, then topped off with medium cheddar, and mor...
  11. bbqking01

    Advice-Brisket on a pellet smoker...

    I was just going to also suggest same , ambient temp probe as some tim there is a different temp inside to what the grill says…
  12. bbqking01

    Advice-Brisket on a pellet smoker...

    Best brisket I’ve ever done was in my SmokeFire. Simple. Just make sure you put a probe in it to keep track of temp. If you’ve done a brisket before, you know what to keep an eye on. It’s basically an oven that you can set temp on and kick back….
  13. bbqking01

    Chuck Roast and Beans

    That looks delicious! I would pull up a chair for a bit of that any day.
  14. bbqking01

    Labor Day Throwdown

    Having friends over today (Labor Day). Did a pork shoulder, baked beans, potato salad, Mac n cheese, and a peach cobbler.
  15. bbqking01

    Chicken thighs on Monday evening

  16. bbqking01


    Love the cook. Thighs are a go to here…nice looking garden. Kettles are so fun.
  17. bbqking01

    Chicken thighs on Monday evening

    Picked up some bone in thighs at Costco. Seasoned with Kinders Sant Maria seasoning. One chimney of kingsford competition briquettes. Place over coals until looks good then moved to cooler side until internal read approx 165-170 in each. Sauced with Kosmos peach jalapeño rib glaze mixed wit...
  18. bbqking01

    Spare Ribs

    Oh…well it was very good. I combined it like 50/50 with KH bbq sauce and that was good. Everyone was ranting and raving. I’m not a huge fan of ribs, but that was making me wish I had more than two racks
  19. bbqking01

    Pit beef

    Wow. That’s a beautiful thing there. Rye…beef, and onion! I’m all over that.
  20. bbqking01

    Sausage Roll Recipe

    For sure