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  1. supervman


    OH AND NICE TROUT by the way!
  2. supervman


    Here's a great link for some mods. Got this from a friend of mine at another board. Good Luck and Happy SMOKES! SKOL Vman
  3. supervman

    Wild Boar Ribs w/ upcoming Qview

    You know. I'd LOVE to try those and they "LOOK" really good but the thing I noticed is that there's no pull back on the meat to expose some bone. Perhaps they needed to be done longer like a spare rib? ? ? ? Maybe "IF" you try em again they need to be more of a 3-2-1???? Points for tryin...
  4. supervman

    New Mexico Chiles arrive in East TN... your gonna love this RonMan!

    You're friggin killin me. Those look AWESOME! WOW.
  5. supervman

    smoked cabbage

    SHUCKS - another good one lost to "the crash"
  6. supervman

    SMF Maintenance

    Thanks Man, I know you do a LOT of work here. Hopefully you can bring up some of the lost posts here. That'd be nice. SKOL V
  7. supervman


    I'd look for VALUE. Low P/E (price to earnings ratio) Low Price to Book Value Not much Debt Increasing Earnings trends or Increasing Dividends (not too realistic in todays economy) Management team that has been in place for several years (Check if there has been insider buying or selling...
  8. supervman

    New ride

    Congrats Dog ! Now that's a nice ride. Don't eat any of that chili the night before taking that to the Home Store after 2 cups of coffee.
  9. supervman

    sous vide

    I don't remember who posted it. It was a post on Sous Vide cooking and related to eggs. Lost in the ... well you know. A search didn't pull it up. Here is a recent article on that style of cooking. SKOL Vman
  10. supervman

    Free Barrell for UDS Mpls N Suburbs If you're up for a UDS project in Minneapolis.
  11. supervman

    Smoked Venison Saurebraten

    Outstanding. That really looks like a fine plate o chow.
  12. supervman

    Smoked Garlic Soup w/Qview

    WOW Thanks! GOtta try this one.
  13. supervman

    Teriyaki chicken lettuce wraps.

    Those REALLY look good. THANKS Vman
  14. supervman

    Price of Baby Backs

    They're usually about $2.99 here sometimes as much as $3.49 but I find em at $1.99 on occasion. A nice big freezer helps on the side!
  15. supervman

    Happy Birthday smoken yankee and JonD

    Happy B Day Folks!
  16. supervman

    Salted Steak W/Qview

    I think I'd punch you, swipe your steak, run like hell and eat it real fast! That looks great!
  17. supervman


    Frankenswine???? He's tryin to be our new Senator here in Minnesota!
  18. supervman

    Salted Steak

    Yeah, use Kosher. It's made for that. Got to do with the crystal size. Good Luck and SKOL Vman
  19. supervman

    German Sausage

    Recipe please. Can't wait.
  20. supervman

    question about storing sauce.

    That's a cool idea Rich.