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  1. vudutek

    Stove / Brinkmann hybrid

    Update: Started tear down today. Hope to get enough grunge removed tomorrow to get some pics. Removed all wiring from the rear. Removed top burner assembly. Removed upper and lower elements. Test fit of Lower pan and element from BGE in lower drawer is excellent, less than 2 fingers space...
  2. vudutek

    Stove / Brinkmann hybrid

    Just snagged a dead conventional stove. Hope y'all can tell me if this idea has potential, and maybe some alternatives if it doesn't... My idea is: Remove top and bottom elements. Don't feel like wiring my patio for 220v, so they aren't an option. Remove stove top or cut to open vent area...
  3. vudutek

    offset smoker with propane burner

    I'm wondering if an electric element from a Brinkmann Gourmet Electric smoker can be adapted to a side box in this fashion. I love the consistent temperatures from the electric, but i hate the lack of real estate, I can't fit a decent sized beef brisket in this....
  4. vudutek


    Hi everyone.... I'm Greg, and live in normally-sunny central Florida. I've been smoking for just over a year using a Brinkmann electric. Does a nice job, but I know I can do better. Also, it's just a smidge too small for a decent sized brisket.... I know the purists frown upon electric, but I'm...