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  1. gator navy

    Weekend Smoke

    Food Lion had them on sale last week so I bought a few even though the largest they had on sale was about 4.5 lbs. I was stationed on the USS Sumter(LST-1181). We always went out with the Shreveport & Inchon.
  2. gator navy

    Weekend Smoke

    Additional Q-View. AJBert, I served on board an LST stationed out of NAB, Little Creek. Fond of jarheads, not really. Living with 300 of them, not so fun at times.
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  5. Weekend Smoke

    Weekend Smoke

  6. gator navy

    Weekend Smoke

    I smoked two pork butts on Saturday (Oct 25) for the church outreach event on Sunday (Oct 26). I have attached some Q-View. I oiled the butts and added Stubbs Pork Rub on Friday night, covered them up and placed on the Kamado Joe Grill on Saturday. After reaching an internal temp of 165F, i...
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  11. gator navy

    Kamado Joe

    So far it has worked out good. The store where I purchased my KJ gave me a bag of KJ charcoal. I initially started using Royal Oak, but when I ran out of it, I got to use the Kamado Joe charcoal. I didn't like it nearly as much as Royal Oak. After a few times with the KJ charcoal; which would...
  12. gator navy

    Observations for the new folks

    Amen to keeping it simple. I started doing this to relax and have fun. To take my mind off all the BS that is thrown to me on a continual basis. To smell the sweet smoke of the Q. I like to experiment, but I have learned to start simple. 7. Cook easy stuff first.  Try other's recipes before...
  13. gator navy


    After using both Royal Oak & Kamado Joe charcoal, I like the Royal Oak better. The Kamado Joe charcoal is much denser than the Royal Oak. It takes a long time to fire up. It will be good for an extended low and slow smoke since it burns much slower due to its density. Its make up is much...
  14. gator navy

    Brining Experience

    I decided to smoke a chicken yesterday; however, I decided to brine it before putting it on the Q. Brined for 5 hours. I used a seasoning I found a recipe for on the web. It came out very moist and tasty. I used apple wood chunks in the Q. The family loved the taste and it was moist. I will...
  15. gator navy

    My first smoke

    I have seen the wood chunks. Once I go through the chips I have, I will buy some bags of the chunks. The chips are easier to soak. Thanks about my KJ grill. I had been grilling using several gas grills for the past 15-20 years. Once it died last fall, I decided I wanted something different.
  16. My first smoke

    My first smoke

  17. gator navy

    My first smoke

    I just finished smoking my first chicken on my new Kamado Joe. Did it ever taste good. I used some apple & hickory chips along with a rub recipe I found on the internet earlier in the week. The chicken was a little dry and I am still working on keeping the temperature at a fairly constant...
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